A Supportive or Convenient Girlfriend? What’s He Thinking?


Some women say they “like loser boyfriends.” When I looked into a little more details, the reason was that they “like men who can’t do anything without me.” I have a few friends who publicly claim that they like “the loser boyfriends.”

Are their “loser boyfriends” really “loser boyfriends”?

Having a loser boyfriend is just for self-satisfaction? What kind of women spoils a man?

My friend who said she should do everything because he couldn’t do anything by himself, cooked meals for him, did his laundry, bathed him, gave him some pocket money, and did everything he wished and he was always her number one priority, and it seemed that it was more like raising a kid than being in a relationship.

After a while, he stopped working and started to ask for more money in addition to the pocket money, and disappeared after making her give him as much money as possible.

Maybe she hasn’t realized yet but it’s not that she likes a loser boyfriend, but she likes herself taking care of someone who needs her and can’t do anything without her as she said.

Is he doing that only with you? He might be a loser boyfriend!

I had a male friend who was being a loser boyfriend only in front of his girlfriend back then with no shame, so I asked him why, and he answered, “It’s convenient because she does everything for me and I don’t need to make any effort at all.”

He said it was like being with his parents since she voluntarily did everything for him and he didn’t have to do anything.

That man is actually not a loser. He does his work well and is building a very good relationship with his current girlfriend who is cute and good at being spoiled, by making effort to be a good boyfriend such as coming up with date plans, giving her gifts, or taking her to his indoor soccer practice.

It might be actually you that are letting your boyfriend be “a loser.”

It’s important to try to be spoiled! Use the stick and carrot appropriately!

Doing everything for your boyfriend is not necessarily good for him. Sometimes, you have to tell him something harsh, give him your honest opinion when he’s done something wrong, and tell him your frustration but try to be spoiled when you want to be spoiled, all while supporting him when he is having a hard time.

It is dangerous to think that he can’t do anything without you! Use the stick and carrot appropriately! Sometimes ask him, even if it’s just an acting, “Can you please do this for me because I can’t do it?”

If he loves you, he would try his best! Try not to make him “a loser” or make you “a convenient girlfriend” for him.

Keep the true loser boyfriends away! Don’t be a loser catcher!

No matter what we say, there are loser boyfriends out there. Some are just gigolos to their cores, don’t work but like gambling, keep cheating on their girlfriends, use violence, don’t make any effort for her, and etc.

There is nothing good that would come out of the relationship with such person. The women who get caught by those men are the ones who publicly say they “like an out-and-out loser boyfriend” or “feel pleasure by taking care of everything around him.”

They would think you are such an easy game. Be careful with what you say not to be a “loser catcher” that attracts all the true losers.

It’s wonderful that you like to take care of others. But, the relationship won’t last long unless you and your partner are being equal.

The women who can be supportive while they are in a equal relationship not to burden only one person, are attractive. Try to be a supportive girlfriend in a good way, not to be his convenient girlfriend.

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