This Is The Real Gentleman! How To Spot One Successfully

This is a little surprising but it is not unusual for many women to get disappointed by seeing all the new sides of the men they married even if they thought, before getting married, those men were “kind and dependable” and they could be happy together!

It’s not that you didn’t have an eye for it. Regardless of gender, everyone has a little bit of filters while they are still dating and there are things that you just can’t see.

But, you are starting to see things once you move in together and, regret your decision thinking it wasn’t supposed to be like this… This is nothing unusual. More or less, you might find out what your partner is really thinking after you got married.

However, the humanity is a very important part of your partner and you don’t want to be disappointed in him. Let’s take a look at what you should see in him before getting married.

What’s the real gentleman!? That’s ”a man who can scold you”

It is kind of hard to describe kindness and a man who tries to be peaceful and not to make any troubles seems to be considered to be a gentleman. You have to be careful with a man who never disagrees with you, always agrees with and doesn’t usually say his opinion when you talk to him about something.

That’s not him agreeing with you but he is trying to avoid any troubles or, just not really interested in you. He could be just hiding how he really thinks because he doesn’t want you to dislike him but that would be a little problem too.

If he were a gentleman who thinks and cares about you from the bottom of his heart, then he would talk to you with his own opinions. That is same for the men who are usually quiet or indecisive or even the ones that don’t show their real thoughts.

And, if he finds something wrong, he should discipline or scold you properly. It is, of course, unacceptable if he uses violence or just gets angry as his mind wants.

A man who looks into your eyes and tries to tell you his real feelings is “the real gentleman” I think. If you can’t see that in your partner, there might a pitfall waiting for you even though you thought you and your partner were a good match before.

It might be necessary to make effort to get rid of the filters in order for you to avoid the disappointment after getting married.

You should try to see the man from many different angles and it might be good to ask your friends and family what they think about him. I wish you will meet the one all the ladies agree.

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