Don’t Miss Them! The Signs That His Feeling Is Moving Away

Aren’t you losing sight of things around you while you are happy to be with your boyfriend who you love? You have to be careful especially when you are happy. Some say love is blind but that’s exactly it.

Perhaps, you are the only one who is in love. Even if his feeling has moved away, it’s hard for you to notice it when you are feeling happy. Or, aren’t you looking away from the fact because you don’t want to accept the reality?

But, the more you keep pretending not to see it, the more you are gonna be hurt. You are the only one who can protect yourself. Does he really love you? See the check list below.

You are always initiating contact

This is really simple. If he has a feeling for you, he would think he wants to talk to you. And If so, he would give you a call or text message.

Of course, there are times he is busy. But, if you are always initiating calls, texts or setting up dates, there is no more obvious sign than this.

If he really cares about you, he can send even one sentence by text. You don’t need to even ask “Why don’t you contact me?”

He doesn’t listen/talk to you

While you are having a conversation or texting each other, what is he doing? If he replies to your long message with only one word like “Yes”
then unfortunately, his mind is in somewhere else. He might not be really interested in you.

And, the fact that he doesn’t ask anything about you like “What did you do today?” can be a sign that he doesn’t really want to know about you.

What do you know about him? If he doesn’t even want to talk about himself, then he probably doesn’t want to tell you. Both of these are the signs that he has no interest in you.

He doesn’t make it up for anything

When you are supposed go on on a date with him but he all of a sudden cancels it, what does he say?

Is it only “Sorry, I can’t make it tonight”? That’s a bad sign.
Or, if he says “Sorry, I can’t make it tonight. Can we do tomorrow?” then you are okay. He must really want to see you and feel bad about canceling the plan.

In the former case, he seems okay with not going on a date with you. Or, he might just not care about you. And if he keeps doing it, it’s natural to think that he doesn’t want to see you.

When you talk about your boyfriend, your friends don’t react positively to it

While you are blind for love, especially your friends who are the outsiders can look through things more clearly than you. Maybe they already see the distance between you and your boyfriend.

But most of the time, they do not want to bother you as a friend when you seem happy. They don’t want to hurt you on purpose. Therefore, they can be awkward somehow.

If you feel some awkwardness with your friends when you are talking to them about your boyfriend, pay attention to how they react. Or just simply ask “Please tell me know if you have something on your mind!” They might tell you what you haven’t noticed.

His attitude changes between when being with you alone and in public

Doesn’t he become a totally different person when he is with you in public or around many people even though he is nice and cuddly when he is with you alone at home?

It can be cute if he is just being shy in front of people but, it’s a bad sign if he treats you like a stranger or walks at a distance. Well, that’s an out.

He doesn’t want you to be seen as his girlfriend. And he doesn’t want others to think you guys are dating. If he loves you, he would not hide your relationship either in public or in front of his friends.

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