Good Women are Good Listeners! Small Tricks to Be One

Good Women are Good Listeners! Small Tricks to Be One.

Don’t you want to be a person who can give comfort to the man you like. So, I asked one of my male friends, “What kind of women do you feel good to be around?” And, the answer was “A good listener.”

It seems that women who are good at listening to others are the ones men feel comfortable around. So here are some tricks to become the good listener. Try it before you actually listen to the man you like.

Willingness to listen seriously

What men talk about can be boring for you to listen to sometimes because they often talk about work. But it’s important to show your willingness to seriously listen to any topics he talks about. This works well especially when he wants to complain about something.

My friend said that many men complain about things only in front of people who they feel comfortable with. It might not be fun to listen to for women, but let’s listen to him. Once he knows that you are willing to listen, then he will trust you more.

Response with eye contact

It’s hard to tell if the person is really listening to you or not, isn’t it? So what I want you to be careful with is your quick responses between his conversations.

By making the quick responses between his conversations with saying words like “Wow” or “It must be tough,” or nodding your head, you can let him know that you are actually listening.

And, another important thing is to see his eyes. He would feel uncomfortable if you keep staring at him, so you can look away sometimes, but make sure to look into his eyes when you give him the quick response.

Do not argue against it while he is talking

When you are listening to him, you might find something that makes you go, “Isn’t it wrong?But, while he is talking, he just wants you to listen and he is not asking for your opinion. If you argue against what he said there, it could turn into a fight.

When his talk or his way of thinking makes you want to question, it is better not to deny his opinion but to propose your idea after he finished talking and you considered his feeling and valued his effort.

Men tend to dislike to be denied more than women and his pride might get hurt. If you got an opinion while you are listening to him, tell him with extra consideration.

The women who are good listeners can do all of them above. This woman who I know and is a good listener makes even me feel good when I am talking to her and I am a woman. Being a good listener can be useful in a relationship as well as work.

Try to keep these in mind when you talk to not only your boyfriend but anybody.

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