Be Careful, You Are Next!? The Pitfalls of Office Romance

When it’s going well, office romance is exciting and happy everyday. It would be great if such days last forever, but in reality, it can be hard. When you are going to break up, not only you will be awkward but also you might face the worst ending…

When you have a lover in such immediate surroundings, “good things” and “bad things” must exist together. In a way, you have to be ready if you want to get into the office romance. Here, I want to introduce you some pitfalls of the office romance.

To keep it under wraps as much as possible, not to be found and to keep the secret are the basic rules!

Since it’s office romance, it’s necessary to act like “co-workers” when you are working. More than anything, try not to take the wraps off and let the other workers realize it.

Doing that makes it easier for you two to work together but that’s something that must be done for people around you as well. Once the rumor like “Those two are dating,” it can cause awkwardness in some part of the workflow.

But that’s one of the pitfalls too, so you have to be careful. Those stories that come with the words like “between us” or “don’t tell anybody” will spread anyway.

It’s too late to regret, “I told you because I trusted you.” Before it becomes too late, it might be better to decide to keep the secret.

It’s kind of annoying! The relationship of these two…

In office romance, there are words and actions that might make people around you uncomfortable. You might’ve not noticed it so let’s take a look at some harsh opinions from a third party.

  • While working, they are making out or having fun talking about something only they understand.
  • Since he girlfriend (or the boyfriend) gets jealous of co-workers, it’s hard to work.
  • When they get in a fight, they would not talk even if there is a matter of work, so it affects our work.

What do you think? It’s an inconvenience to everyone, don’t you think? Jealousy seems to always come with relationships but you want to keep it in yourself at work and try to work as an adult.

An unexpected breakup… How is he then? What would happen to me?

When you are dreaming about your future thinking that you are maybe getting married next year, here comes all of a sudden, “a break up.” When you come to the end of the relationship, it seems that it might take some time just to heal your mind if it is office romance.

Deep inside, you might want to get back together. Or, you might think you never want to see his face again. When that happens, what would you do? You might think about quitting your job at least once but this is a time for you to hold on.

Here comes a chance for you to spend time for your career and yourself. Even if he gets a new girlfriend in the office, you can get over it if you are strong enough to look forward.

If you can have a strong mind like you will show him someday, then he will regret that he broke up with you. Even if it takes time for you to switch your mind, you need to make effort not to give up and quit or abandon your job.

In order for you to do that, it is important to keep your office romance under wraps. Whether people around you know your relationship or not will decide if it will be easy for you to work or not after the breakup. Nevertheless, it’s the best that it ends happily.

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