How Can You Be in Love With Each Other With Text Messages?

It’s a sudden question but do you think you can make a text message that makes a man excited? Are you thinking “I want to write something that makes him happy but I’m not good at it”!?

Actually that is a little misunderstanding. There is a trick to create text messages that excite men. As long as you know the trick, you won’t be seen as annoying and you can show your kindness and cuteness.

Well, now let’s get to the point, “How to be in love with each other with text messages”

Absolutely taboo! Aren’t you sending these “text messages with warning signals”!?

It’s no use if your text makes the other person uncomfortable even if you put a lot of thought in it. In fact, there is a little trick to make men think, “It’s a nice text message.”

Aren’t you sending “a long text message like a diary”?

A long message would make the recipient tired and lose his interest to read it, and it could even make him wonder what you are trying to say anyway. Even if you make it long on purpose, it can be confusing as a result so you have to be careful.

Aren’t you sending “a text message with many emojis and stickers”?

When you open a text and see a message with emojis and stickers all over the place, it makes it hard to read and makes you tired.
On the other hand, if you don’t use them at all, it makes the text too simple and plain, so think about a proper balance.

Aren’t you sending “a self-centered careless text message”?

Aren’t you sending an early morning or late night text, continuous texts even though you haven’t got a reply or a careless text even though you know he is busy?

You might just be thinking it would be good if he can see it when he has some time but these texts might annoy him. It’s possible that he might get disappointed even if he liked you.

Aren’t you sending “an overly friendly text message” that confuses him?

Using a too friendly tone might create a cheeky impression. You might just want to be friendly by using those friendly words but those words can be confusing for them.

A hedge between keeps friendship green is not just an old saying. You might be able to leave a better impression if you sound a bit reserved till you get closer.

Always about myself!? Aren’t you sending a self-centered text message?

Without knowing, aren’t you sending a text to sell yourself, so much so that it gives the recipient a bitter laugh? Even if you are going to be talking about yourself, your impressions will be way better if you start with asking, “How are you?”

What did you think? Isn’t it shocking to think you might have been considered to be “ a not-so-good woman” without knowing by the texts you have been sending?

But, when you put it the other way around, you can say it might be easy to catch his heart only with text messages. Because you can’t see his face, you want to be more thoughtful and use texting as a tool for you two “to be in love with each other.”

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