Now Is The Time!? Techniques to Win His Heart With LINE

Now, you can say everyone is into LINE. The number of people who are updating it with pictures as if it’s a blog is increasing. It has a good collection of stickers and, above all, you can use it without any worries since you can enjoy talking and chatting for free.

But, what’s different about it from emails or blogs is that when the recipient read your message, it shows “Read” and it tells you if your message was read or not.

Because of that, some people get worried about not receiving replies even though they saw their messages were read by the recipients.

On the other hand, the recipients may feel hustled since they know the senders can tell once they read the messages and they feel like they have to reply right away.

Thus, there are pros and cons of LINE, but it’s a popular tool now after all, so there must be many people who want to succeed in love with it. Here, I would like to show you some of the techniques to win someone’s heart that you can do only with LINE.

You can leave a good impression if you use LINE this way!

For example, it’s a way to use the stickers. Some people purchase a lot of the stickers and send them every time while some don’t use them at all. Do you know which one is better?

The answer is both of them are wrong. If you use them efficiently, they can be a good tool to make the recipient excited or happy. If you use them a lot, it might make him wonder how many stickers in the world you purchased and concern about your sense of money.

And, if you don’t use the stickers at all, it’s possible that it can feel like something is missing when you want to tell him something or it doesn’t sound as cute as you wish even if you are trying hard to tell him how you feel.

What I want to recommend the most as a way to use the stickers efficiently when it comes to the point is to use “simple sentences with few emojis” + “a cute sticker.”

While you make him think that it looks smart and easy to read but it sounds like a office talk, you surely leaves an impression with the sticker. By doing that, it will become a message that goes right to his heart!

It’s important to exchange messages with care

LINE, though it’s strange, makes the recipient hustled to reply more than an email.

It maybe because showing “Read” as mentioned above, can be a psychological factor to hurry the recipient and also many people tend to use short words to have many conversations as a way to use LINE.

However, when the recipient is busy and at a place where it’s hard to use his phone, it’s possible that he can’t reply right away even though he read the message received.

If you casually show your understanding about that, he feels better and will take his time to reply eventually.

So, it might be good to acquire a habit to show your feminine kindness by adding messages like “ you can reply anytime” and “let me know when you have a time.”

You might think inside that you want his reply soon, but by holding that thought, the possibility for you to become a person who he feels comfortable with gets higher. This might be different from what you want but it would be great if you can use this as one of the techniques to win his heart.

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