Goodbye to Puffy Face!

I hate to see myself in the photos because it makes you realize that I’m turning 30 and changing, changing meaning aging.

I’m not giving up, though. It is not too late. Let’s try the following methods and keep healthy looking face.

No more puffiness!

You are concerned with drooping eyelids, laugh lines…. A sagging along the jaw line truly makes you look old. You look back and question yourself if you have
taken too much liquid during summer…

Taking on too much water is harmful and would cause swellings. Water in your body brings swellings, sagging and drooping which
makes you look old. Aging skin which is losing elasticity can’t hold the skin tightly up any longer.

If you have drooping eyes, you are likely to have swellings. Let’s work to get rid of these swellings.

Massaging the puffiness away.

Take a little bit of lotion or serum in your hand. Dip it with a fingertip. With that finger, make a circular motion along the jaw line ending below ears. Go once
more but little off this time.

Next go in circular motion starting from under the nose toward the middle of the ears. Now starting from the sides of the nose, from under the eyes, from the
cheeks, go toward the ears.

Make sure that you are not putting too much pressure as you massage. Let the lotion or serum slide along. If you feel any pain, stop. If you think you had enough, finish your massage by going below your ears working your way towards your shoulders vertically. Use all fingers except thumbs.

Repeat this for a couple of times. Lastly, massage down the collarbone toward outside to the shoulders, this time, you can add a little pressure.

Do this massage every morning and night and you will be free from bloated face. I’m sure you would look 5 years younger!

Healthy life

Massaging works on getting rid of puffiness. But the best thing is not to have puffy bloated face to begin with. Our faces tell us what we did wrong. So keep a
healthy life style. Try to eat vegetable heavy meal at the set time, exercise and sleep well are three important elements for healthy life.

Busy women have no time for working out. But you can incorporate some exercises such as using stairs instead of elevators or walking to work instead of driving into your daily life.

Working on PC or watching TV before going to bed would cause puffiness, too. Try to stay relaxed before sleep.

Massaging can take away those 5 years by getting rid of puffiness. Let’s aim for a healthy looking skin by fighting gravity and aging!

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