Collagen, Is It Really Working?

What do we know about Collagen?

The body naturally produces the collagen it needs. Many experts indicate that collagen for external use is useless because most collagen molecules would not
penetrate the skin.

Collagen supplements when consumed are broken down into amino acid. Amino acid is an important component that makes up our body and
there is no guarantee that it would be put to use for skin.

Amino acid is in demand as you age and lot of it is used for healthy blood circulation and for knees and hips. There may not be enough for the skin.

How to increase collagen production

Vitamin C derivatives

Vitamin C is essential for collagen production. Serums containing vitamin C derivatives boost collagen synthesis better than one with regular
Vitamin C.


Regular exfoliation helps to ensure healthy skin cell renewal which will lead to collagen production. Once or twice a week is recommended.

UV ray protection

Exposure to ultraviolet rays is the main cause of discoloration of skin and it also damages collagen fibers. You are exposed to the rays every
day even during winter.
Don’t forget to protect yourself from the harmful rays even for a short time.

Use personal iontophoresis

A research suggests that a personal iontophoresis helps penetrate vitamin C derivatives (could be substituted by Isoflavone due to its high price ) to the skin 10
times better than regular application.

Collagen is essential to healthy skin. But you can’t easily apply it externally. It is important to stimulate its synthesis internally.

Exfoliation and use of personal iontophoresis are recommended by many dermatologists. But you may be afraid to do such treatment on your own especially if
you have a sensitive skin. Why don’t you visit a clinic and consult the professionals first.

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