42?C, Ideal Temperature for Washing Face


It has been said that the best temperature to rinse and refresh the vegetables is 50?C. There is an appropriate temp for washing face, too. It’s 42?C. Yes, it is
rather hot, right?

A research has proved that 42?C is the best temperature to promote the anti-aging of your skin. If you want a healthy looking skin, try this method. Here is how
it works.

Why 42?C ?

You might have experienced a difference in the skin condition when you take a bath instead of a shower the night before. Or, wouldn’t you feel that the
foundation works smoother on your skin if you use a steamed towel on a puffy face to accelerate the blood circulation?

These are all due to a protein called Heat Shock Protein (HSP). HSPs are originally found in humans and help protect us from stresses.

HSPs are increased when cells are exposed to elevated temperatures. They repair cells when damaged by the exposure to ultraviolet

HSPs increase collagen production

HSP comes in various types. HSP70 and HSP47 are proteins related to healthy skin. HSP70 repairs cells damaged by UV ray exposure and keeps the collagen
binding. HSP47 is a protein which produces high quality collagen.

If they are increased, they will help prevent wrinkles and blemishes. But such HSPs are reduced as you age. Therefore you need to stimulate its production by
taking baths or by KAATSU Exercises (a low intensity exercise using a pressurizing-muscle device)

Taking a bath

We suggest you take a bath instead of a shower. Keep the temp at 42 ?C.
HSP increases at 45?C but that is too hot for the skin. Keep the water temp at 42?C and stay for about 5 mins.

If you find that 42?C is still too hot for you, bring it down to 40?C but stay in the tub for about 20 mins. HSPs start losing its effect after 6
hours. So take a bath in the morning and you will be OK during the day time when you are exposed to UV rays the most.

42?C for your face?

When you cleanse your face, massage the soap into lather in your hands and apply gently to your face. Rinse well with warm water at temp 42?C. Finish rinsing
with cold water to tighten pores. Dab with a soft towel and apply toner and moisturizer immediately.

This helps increase the production of HSPs and protects your skin from UV rays. Moreover, it increases the production of new collagen so you will have a supple
skin with elasticity. If you are little doubtful, start with lower temp and bring it up gradually to 42?C.

Facial steaming using a towel

If you are too busy in the morning for a thorough cleansing, try using a steamed towel. Let a towel run under water at 42~45?C and wring it
out. Wrap the face with it and keep it for about 5 min.

It boosts up circulation and prevents the swelling. This treatment will also boost the collagen production and you will be free from wrinkles!

Your lifestyle

There are a variety of methods to cleanse your face or taking care of your skin. If you want these methods to work, keep a healthy lifestyle. Moisturize your skin,
eat healthy, get enough sleep are some of the basics you shouldn’t forget. Healthy lifestyle is important if you want to get a full benefit from these methods.

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