A Transformation without a Cosmetic Brush


Facial muscle exercise

If you want a perfect small face, they tell you to work on your jawline. This is an easy exercise that gives you a satisfactory result. Your boyfriend would love it. Just lift an empty plastic bottle with your mouth.

Fill a plastic water bottle about third way and lift it up with your mouth. If you want more challenge, use a 2-litter bottle but start with 500ml bottle. ="b">It will slim down your face and makes you look different.


Dopamine has been dubbed the “happy” hormone. When you are in love, the level of dopamine in the brain is increased and you would be glowing. Yes there is a scientific evidence. Even if you don’t have a boyfriend, the key is to be rewarded!

If you cook a home made dinner for your boyfriend, he would be thrilled. A cashier at a supermarket thanks you when you make a little donation to let’s say,
Red Cross at the register. Either way, the level of dopamine is increased because you have achieved the goal and you would be experiencing the pleasure of the

Scalp massage

You may already know that lymphatic drainage massage on your face changes your facial impression. Let me emphasize the benefit of scalp massage here.

As you know scalp and facial skin are connected so massaging a scalp would have an effect on the face as well. Massaging a scalp increases the blood circulation so your face would lose puffiness and each part of your face will stand out.

If you normally wear a heavy make up, you would not want your boyfriend to see you without one. So let’s aim for a beautiful woman who stands out even
without makeups. You can achieve it by either exercise your facial muscles or increase the level of dopamine! Good luck!

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