3 minutes is All You Need for a Baby Soft Skin


How to pick a right cleanser for you

Try to avoid rubbing cleanser into your skin. If you remove your eye-makeup with no-rinse cleanser, it will get all smeared up around eyes.

Why? The oil in the cleanser will break down the formulation of eye makeup products. It doesn’t mean that the color pigments are absorbed into your skin (If so, pink blush will color your cheeks pink) Surface oil and other grime work as abrasive when wiped off. So wiping type of cleanser is not recommended.

The best cleansing to choose is a hard gel type. Hard gel will stay as a cushion between your skin and hands to avoid rubbing.

How to choose a foaming facial cleanser

Cleanser that doesn’t dry up your skin after rinsing contains oil. It will leave your skin oily while you are intending to wash off oil.

If you coat your face with oil, toner and serum that follow will not penetrate well into your skin. I recommend using a simple bar of soap because it only contains what you need to rinse off just the right amount of oil.

A bar of soap? I know you are doubtful. Why don’t you start with a facial bar soap. Lather between palms. Make a foam about the size of an egg. You don’t need anything bigger than that.

No patting with a cotton pad

Be gentle with your skin. Do not pat your skin with a cotton pad soaked in toner. You might think that cotton is soft to the skin but when soaked up liquid, it is as hard as a thin board.

Toner is mostly made with water. Water would not be penetrated into skin.
When you take a bath, water does not get penetrated into your skin, right?
Toners are designed to be absorbed naturally into your skin.

Gently press your hands on the cheeks with toner. Then move on to Tzone and apply the remaining toner there.

L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C derivatives)

Ceramides are moisture-capturing lipids. Replenish your ceramide with Vitamin C derivatives. If you have a iontophoresis, it promotes the penetration of vitamin C derivatives. Serum containing L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C derivative) are generally expensive so look for ones with isoflavone or amino acid as a substitute.

Serums sold at cosmetic stores contain preservatives or surfactant so you do not want them absorbed into your skin. Look for a genuine products. If you can’t find one, go to a clinic and get a treatment. They will tell you where to get it.

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