How to Impress Your Boyfriend with a Touch of Difference!,1268744797,1/stock-photo-calendar-48818968.jpg

How often do you see your boyfriend? Everyday? Every week?
A week is just enough to make a little change on yourself. Why don’t you surprise him with different “you”.

What can you possibly do in a week? Well, 7 days are just enough to make a change. Let’s boost up your charm and beauty by next time you see him.

Get a facial

You might be disappointed with this choice. But it truly makes a difference if you get a facial from a professional aesthetician. Peeling treatment, for example,
brightens up your skin tone.

When the skin is a tone brighter, it gives a different impression. It is different from using a foundation that is a bit brighter. You would be glowing from inside. A
facial massage tightens your facial line and this too gives a different impression. Two days prior to meeting him would be the best time to make an appointment at a facial salon.

Get the best shape for your brows

The shape of the eyebrows affects the appearance of the face.
To achieve an elegant look, you have to learn the technique to shape your brows. Elegant shape, sophisticated look, gentle look, you have so many to choose
from. Find out which shape best suits you.

Get a hair cut

This may sound too ordinary. Cutting hair doesn’t have to be a drastic change. Change hair color, curl your hair or simply put your hair
You are going to make him say, “Wow, you look different today!”

Blush, Blush, Blush!

Applying blush can be one of the more difficult techniques to learn. If you don’t use blush on your regularly makeup, challenge it! If you use
the same color everyday, try different color.

Unfortunately applying too much would make you a clown. Just a slight touch of difference is important.

Red lipstick

If you regularly use light color lipsticks, try crimson. Don’t use heavy make up on your eyes because it will make you flashy. Red lipsticks will make sexy woman.

Let’s hit the gym!

Working out will improve your metabolism, reduce swelling in legs, accelerate the blood circulation so that you would look healthy.

It helps relieve the stress and it would be refreshing. It also balances your mental state. A big beautiful smile coming from a healthy mentality will surely impress him.

Exercise facial muscles

Do facial exercise everyday. Raise the corners of your mouth into a smile, keep a beautiful facial lines, strengthen the muscles around eyes. These are some of
the exercises to stimulate the facial muscles to improve the blood flow. As a consequence, your facial lines will stay sharp and the makeup would work effectively on you.

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