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There are variety of dietary supplements such as collagen, placenta, hyaluronic acid sold for cosmetic and health purposes. They usually have instructions on the
product label but it is very vague. Even if you check the manufacturer’s website, they generally indicate the dosage and nothing more.

Does it mean that you can take it any time of the day? before or after meal?
If it is up to you, fine. But is there an effective way and time to take the supplements? We all want to take the maximum benefit from it. So what’s the best
timing to take it?

Why they don’t specify

There is a reason why they don’t specifically tell you when to take supplements.

Dietary Supplements are not considered as drugs. They are more like special food.
Since they aren’t put through the same strict safety and effectiveness requirements as drugs, the Pharmaceutical Affairs law prohibits specifying the dosage and
administration on the labels. This is to clearly distinguish dietary supplements from drugs.

How do you take supplements?

  • With lots of water
  • Supplements these days come in the shape easily swallowed. Take lots of water to wash it down comfortably. It may harm your esophagus if it gets stuck there.

    In order to swallow supplements completely down to the stomach, you need adequate amount of water. And “water” is the best liquid. Do not take caffeinated
    drinks like coffee or tea with it.

    Tannin or caffeine found in such drinks may prevent the full absorption if combined with some ingredients in the supplement. This is same with when taking

  • Do not take them on empty stomachs
  • Again this is true with drugs. Do not take your supplements on empty stomachs. It might upset your stomach.

    Considering that supplements boost up its absorption the best when taken with food, the best timing is after meal if not specified on the labels.

  • Take supplements regularly
  • You can’t get the best result if not taken on regular basis. Supplements don’t usually have immediate effect. You would feel it working after
    an extended use. So if you want to get the best out of supplements, keep taking it for sometime.

    Let’s say, three months. If you don’t see any changes, it may not be the best for you. Switch to other brand.

  • Dosage
  • You will get double benefit if you take double dosage? Never! Overdosage can be harmful to your health. Read the label and stick to the
    dosage indicated on the product label.

The best timing is

Cell turnover and regeneration occurs during sleep, generally between 10pm to 2am. It is important to take supplements prior to this
time so that you would wake up with beautiful skin.

So the best time to take supplements is before this cell repair time. But it is not recommended to take it right before you go to sleep. It may upset your stomach.

An hour prior to your bedtime or within half an hour after dinner may be the best time. Supplements stay in the digestive system long enough if accompanied by food so their ingredients will be fully absorbed.

We know early bedtimes are hard to fit in our busy lifestyle. But try hard to go to sleep during these prime hours, 10pm ~ 2am. Supplements are supplementary to your diet as the name indicates. It doesn’t guarantee healthy skin just by taking.

You have to have a healthy diet as a base if you want the supplements to work. You can obtain a healthy and beautiful looking skin
with the help of supplements. Don’t forget, your efforts count as much as the effect of supplements!

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