Finish your makeup with a magical powder!,1280335295,1/stock-photo-beauty-with-perfect-natural-makeup-look-applying-face-powder-58018804.jpg

Some people stay away from finishing powder because it dries up the skin. After applying foundation or concealer, try finishing up your makeup with powder. It
gives you a soft and smooth look.

If you have a dry skin, apply moisturized base primer before foundation.
It works as a magic. You can get a luminous princess looking skin with a touch of powder.

Why powder?

Why finish the makeup with powder? It brightens up your skin tone. When you are tired and your face looks unhealthy, add some powder. It brightens up your

Use powder infused with light-reflecting particles so that it gives a healthy glow to your skin. It sets the makeup so you won’t need a constant
re-touch ups.
When you do, just dab this finishing powder and you will get your beautiful glowing look.

Puff is important as powder

You need to keep your puff clean. Use one that is relatively thick. So when applying powder, it can spread out the powder evenly. Make sure you wash the puff

A little tip for powder finish

If you take a little care when applying powder, it makes a big difference. I can teach you a tip here.

First press the puff in the powder and let it catch it evenly. Try to dab on your face gently. Careful around nose, eyes and mouth. Try to go lightly around the
area where you have wrinkles. Brush off the excess powder.

Try not to apply too much as it looks unnatural. Take a little amount at a time and layer it when need it. If you apply it under your
eyes, it will prevent the smearing of mascara or eyeliners.

How to pick a face powder?

This is true to all your makeup products but get a sample and try it on yourself first. If you can’t try it on your face, dab it on the back of your hand. Your hands have fine wrinkles so you would get an idea how it looks on your face. Pick one tone lighter than your skin.

Do not pick anything that is too whitish. It changes your complexion so stick to pink or beige.

If you have a fair skin color, beige is recommended. If you have a problem with dark looking tone, pick pink. For yellow complexion skin, pink would brighten up your skin color. It is important to use the powder that does not contain ultraviolet absorber.

Baby powder

Baby powder gives a dry smooth finish on adult skin. Who doesn’t love that baby soft finish?

Baby powder absorbs excess oil and moisture so it keeps the skin soft and dry. It maintains the dry skin for a long time. Did you know that
mixing baby powder in your facial soap would help prevent acne?

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