Essential Moisture Care

Moisture care is an essential treatment for supple, smooth and beautiful skin. You may have read a lot of articles on moisturizing. It is a treatment you
can’t do without.

However, do you really know the effective way to moisturize your skin? Some people carry on a treatment that is not effective or even harmful to your skin.
Let’s review what’s really important.

Moisture care = Rehydration?

Do you use lots of toner or lotion when your skin is dehydrated? They are important elements to keep your skin hydrated. But wait, you are not done yet.

After supplying your skin with a toner or a lotion, you now have to cover it with some kind of cream or serum to seal the moisture in.

If you omit this step, the toner will not be penetrated into your skin. Use a moisturizing lotion to lock in the moisture.

Oily skin and moisturizing lotion

You are wrong if you do not use moisturizing lotion for oily skin type.
Oily skin means your skin does not function as it should. Oily skin is caused by excess use of products or hormonal changes.

It can also be attributed to scrubbing with too much pressure or using incorrect products for your skin type. You have to moisturize well to keep your skin

Normal skin and moisturizer

Do you believe that moisturizing is not necessary when your skin is not dry. For example, young skin rarely sees the trouble with dry skin.

But if you don’t treat your young skin with moisturizers now, you will likely to have dry skin later on which then bring the problem of blemishes and wrinkles. You
don’t need to overprotect your skin with lots of products but moisturizing is essential at any age.

If you start treating your skin with moisturizers at young age, you will not regret it later. Even if your skin is not dry, it will thicken
without moisturizers so as to mess up the cell turnover cycle. Don’t forget the moisture care!

Expensive products

Moisturizing lotions contain ceramide or hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are abundant in expensive products. You can’t keep buying expensive products for
everyday care.

You have to choose wisely what’s best for yourself. You can’t expect the best result from cheap cosmetics which contain a very little
amount of nutrients. But don’t be concerned. There are wide range of products you can choose from that is best for your skin.

Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is important for your skin because skin rejuvenation revs up at night. About three hours into sleep, a growth hormone is released and starts cell
division to form new cells.

It takes three hours for the cells to divide so we would need at least six hours of sleep. Some people stay up late working or partying. But you can’t skimp on

And you can’t catch up on sleep on off days. Skin rejuvenation takes place every single day. So even if you protect your skin with moisturizers every day, few
hours of sleep is not enough and it would cancel out your effort.

Try to sleep at least 6 hours everyday. If you can go to bed before midnight, you will have a beautiful sleep.

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