How to get rid of the fatigue on your skin with a hot towel

When you go to a beauty salon or a hair salon, they put a hot towel on your face that is very relaxing! A hot towel is not only relaxing, but also good for your skin. You can get rid of the fatigue of the day while getting a beautiful skin with a hot towel!

Many advantages of using a hot towel

  • Get rid of dull skin or dark circles under eyes by improving the blood circulation
  • Make your face skinnier by getting rid of the swelling
  • Tighten the pores
  • Moisturize the dry skin
  • Relax and relieve stress
  • Treat the damages you received that day

Because a hot towel improves the blood circulation by warming up the skin, you can make your dull skin brighter by removing the body wastes. You will accumulate more body wastes as you get older, so remove them regularly.

Moreover, the pores open when you warm up the skin. You can remove the dirt from the pores when you open up the pores with the steam of a hot towel. If you apply beauty essences on the opened pores, it will be more efficient!

On top of that, when you warm up the skin, your skin produces heat shock protein (HSP) which helps regenerate the skin. You can prevent wrinkles and brown spots by stimulating the skin with the heat which is 5 degrees hotter than your body temperature.

It’s a great advantage for those who started notice the aging skin.

How to create a hot towel

Squeeze the wet facial towel tightly and heat it up with a microwave. You can heat up for about 40 seconds to 1 minutes. It’s better to choose a soft and thick towel.

You can check the temperature on the soft skin, such as inside the arm. Cool it down until the temperature feels nice and warm. Be careful not to burn your skin!

How to use a hot towel ? part 1 ? washing your face with a hot towel

1, Wash your face
2, Warm up your face using a hot towel
3, Apply facial mask or serum while your skin is still hot

You can apply lotion after applying serum, in order to tighten the opened pores. You don’t have to wash your face again. You can get rid of the oil from the cleansing products with a hot towel.

How to use a hot towel ? part 2 ? oil facial mask

1, After washing your face or taking a bath, apply plenty of beauty oil
2, Cover your face with a hot towel
3, Apply plenty of lotion

It’s a great way to moisturize your skin when your skin is extra dry. Your skin will be amazingly soft.

How to use a hot towel ? part 3 ? Warming up your neck

You can warm up your neck while applying makeup or taking care of your skin. It’s efficient for getting rid of dull skin and the swelling. In fact, many professional makeup artists use this technique. It’s a great way to take care of your skin when you don’t have enough time to warm up your face, like in a busy morning.

Lastly, there are few things you need to be careful of.

Things to be careful when you use a hot towel

1, You need to be careful with the temperature! When you get used to it, you can apply hot towel on your face. But it’s always better to check the temperature before applying on your face by putting it on the inside arm.
2, You shouldn’t apply a hot towel everyday. If you do this too many times, it will make your skin dry. You can do this twice or three times a week. You should take at least a day off after applying a hot towel.
3, Do not rub the skin with a towel. You won’t get a beautiful skin if you damage your skin by rubbing. You should apply it lightly on your skin.
4, You should apply moisturizer while your skin is still warm. It’s because your skin can be easily dry after applying a hot towel.

There are many advantages of using a hot towel ? it doesn’t cost thing, it’s easy, it works well, it feels good and you can see the result right away. It also works for many types of skin problems ? on the aging skin, on pimples, on brown spots or freckles.

Why don’t you try this useful hot towel to take care of your skin!

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