How to go out with a colleague without fuss?

When you go out with a colleague from work, you need to decide early if you tell everyone at work or hide that you are dating, in order to make it work.

I asked women who have been in a relationship with a colleague, how to go out with him in secret and how to go out with him by telling everyone at work. Even if you are not currently in a relationship with your colleague, why don’t you learn these technique for the future?

How this woman went out with her colleague in secret

This 26 years old woman, who went out with her colleague, knew that she didn’t want to tell anyone at work that they were dating. Let’s ask her how she sustained a relationship at work.

“I asked my boyfriend not to tell anyone at work that we are dating, in case we break up. Of course I didn’t think about breaking up with him, but who knows what would happen right? I didn’t want to make it hard to work if we break up.

Although I have decided not to tell, it was very hard to keep the secret. Even if we wanted to go out drinking or having dinner after work, I couldn’t go because I was afraid that someone would notice something. So we always hang out at his place. Because we are sharing a secret, we felt very close together.

After 3 years dating each other, we decided to get married so I quitted my job at the same occasion. If you want to hide your relationship at work, avoid going out on a date in public places.

How this another woman went of with her colleague in secret

This another woman, who went out with her boss for 4 years, also got married. What are the tips?

“Because I changed my work constantly before meeting him, I knew many women who went out with their colleagues. They look very happy when they were together, but it was very difficult after breaking up. So I decided never date a man from work.

But I fell in love with him. I agree to go out with him after telling him that I want it to be a secret. We decided to act distantly at work. We were in a relationship for 2.5 years before getting married.

If you want to hide your relationship, you should act like you don’t know him much. Therefore I never talked to him friendly in front of other colleagues.

If you do that, no one will know you are dating him. I recommend hiding your relationship if you like to surprise everyone when you tell them you are getting married with him.”

How this woman went out with her colleague by telling everyone

This 27 years old woman went out with a very popular guy at work. She told everyone because she didn’t want anyone else to flirt with him.

“Because he was very popular with women, receiving many gifts on the Valentine’s day and on his birthday, I wanted to tell everybody that we were in a relationship.

But many women were very jealous and started to hate me. It was so hard that I thought about giving up, but my boyfriend was very supportive so we are still together.

It’s been 3 years since we are in a relationship. If you want to go out with a colleague and tell everyone at work, you should be careful how other people think of you. If you are being very friendly with him at work, some people won’t like that. Therefore I used text messages or phone even though I needed to talk to him about work. I try not to talk to him directly at work.”

How this another woman went out with her colleague while telling everyone

This another 31 years old woman, who went out with her colleague, told everyone about the relationship because he wanted to. How did she went out with him for 5 years?

“I didn’t want to tell everyone at work, but he told me “Isn’t it better to tell everyone so that we can go out on a date easily without starting some rumours?” I thought there is no need to hide the fact that we are dating, so we told other colleagues about us.

Everyone was very supportive actually. When we told them we have a reservation at a restaurant, some of them even helped us finish work. It was going very well. But our relationship ended when he got a promotion and had to work in another city.

Nevertheless I don’t regret going out with him because we had a great relationship without any argument. It’s important to get supports from other colleagues if you want to tell that you are dating a colleague.

In order to get their supports, you need to work hard. But you can also accept their helps when you need it sometimes. After getting some helps from others, you help them when they need in return. If you can build a trust with your other colleagues this way, you can have a smooth relationship with you boyfriend too.”


After hearing how those women dated their colleague, do you want to hide your relationship? Or do you want to tell everyone at work about your relationship? Whichever you choose, the most important thing is that you talk about it with your boyfriend.

Why don’t you enjoy a special relationship, after deciding if you hide or tell your relationship?

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