Understand how herbivorous guys and become their girlfriend


Many women like herbivorous guys, who is a shy and sensitive guy. If there is a herbivorous guy around you, how should you approach him? It’s important to understand how those guys act in a relationship before asking him out.

I will show you how herbivorous guys behave in a relationship. I hope you can use these tips to make a move on a herbivorous guy you like.

Herbivorous guys don’t like arguing

One of the trait of a herbivorous guy is that he hates to get into a fight. Therefore he tries to make things easier, when a strong woman starts to argue. Even though he doesn’t say anything to your criticisms, there is also a limit how much he can take.

Therefore it’s important for you to avoid arguments as much as possible, so that he would feel more comfortable. It’s important to act gently and more feminine with a herbivorous guy.

Herbivorous guys are easy to go out with

Because a herbivorous guy is very flexible on many things, he has a patience to be nice to a passionate woman.

Even though if a woman was late because of work, for example, a herbivorous guy would wait for her without getting irritated.

If you have only been with short-tempered men before, you see a shy guy like an angel. If you are a busy working woman, a shy guy make things easier for you.

He always listen to what you say too. When you tell him “ this type of clothes suit you well,” for example, he will say “Really! That’s a great idea.”

He is very flexible, although he has his own personality. Therefore you can act freely with him and say what you think. Be careful, however, not to talk down on him, just because he always listens.

He can be friends with anyone

Because a herbivorous guy can be friends with anyone, it’s easier to get to know him when you have an opportunity to meet him. If you work with him in a same section at your company, for example, you can talk to him when you are alone working late.

It’s a great advantage of a herbivorous guy that he is easy to talk to. Because he is very easy to talk to, however, many women like him too. Therefore, before anyone else get to him, you should try to make a move as soon as you can.

If you have an opportunity to become closer to him, take that opportunity.

He keeps in touch constantly

Many women wish her boyfriend will keep in touch more constantly. Especially when a woman feels lonely, she prefers men who keep in touch regularly. If you are like that, a herbivorous guy would be perfect for you. Many herbivorous men aren’t lazy to keep in touch with his girlfriend.

He usually calls you everyday and sends you text messages all day. If a woman feels tired of receiving too much messages, however, he can be flexible to act differently depending on her taste.

Herbivorous men are great because they make a lot of efforts to understand what a woman want.

If you always went out with difficult and complicated men, you will spend a relaxing and important moments with a herbivorous guy.

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