The signs that a man want to break up with his girlfriend?

Even if you believe the relationship with your boyfriend is going well, it might be close to the end underneath the good appearance. I will show you some signs that men shows when he is thinking about breaking up with you.

He avoid calling you or texting you

This 28 years old office worker says he always have had new girlfriends one after another. How does he react when he is thinking about breaking up with a girl?

“For me, I stop answering calls from my girlfriend, when I think about breaking up with her. While I am contemplating a breakup, I don’t have nothing to say to her, so I don’t call her back either.

I only text her back if I really need to write her back. Otherwise, I won’t write back any text messages. Sometimes I do this to end the relationship with someone without having any talk, if I haven’t been with her for a long time.”

This 40 years old man, who own his own business, also shows his girlfriend that he wants to break up by avoiding to contact her.

“When I want to break up with my girlfriend, I tell her that right away. But sometimes it backfires. If I feel that my girlfriend will start to cry and tell me “I don’t want to break up with you”, I try to avoid seeing her or contacting her.

I wait until when she says: “You don’t call me anymore. What’s wrong?” Then I tell her “I am so busy at work and don’t have any time to see you. We should break up.” Of course she starts to cry, but I make some excuses about work and tell her “I have to go because my client is here.” That’s how I end my relationships.”

I started to go out a lot with other people

This 24 years old guy is a bartender, so he is constantly asked out by many women. He says that he goes out a lot when he wants to break up with his girlfriend.

“When I like someone, I started to living with her because I want to spend a lot of time with her. So when I want to break up with my girlfriend, I usually have some other girl who I am interested or with who I share mutual feelings. So I started to go home to my girlfriend less often.

I spend more time with the girl I like. If she is not available, I stay at my friend’s place. I think of it as a transition time when I take some time to think.

I need a lot of physical or mental energies when I stop living with my girlfriend. I take some time off from my girlfriend in order to have a courage to tell her to break up.

Usually I spend about 3 months away from my girlfriend during this transition time, so my girlfriend isn’t so shocked to hear me say that I want to break up. Either she already noticed it or she has less feeling for me.”

I started to touch her less

This 36 years old guy who is a member of an association, says that he starts to avoid skin contact when he is thinking about a breakup.

“I usually like touching her when I like someone, but as I have less feeling for her, I also start avoiding skin contacts. So I go out with her in public places and avoid places where I will be alone with her, such as driving or going to karaoke. I also avoid going to movies that make my girlfriend want to touch me.

If I really had to see her at her place or at my place because I didn’t have any excuses, I tell her “I am a bit sick” so that I can sit away from her. When she gets close to me to touch me, I find some excuses to go away from her, like calling someone or going to the toilet.

Because I don’t take her hand nor kiss her, usually she starts to get angry saying: “You don’t have to stay with me if you are not interested in me.” When that happens, I will tell her to break up with me.

It’s not because I want to break up with her that I stop touching her. I stop touching her in order to wait for my feeling for her to come back. It never happened that I start to like her again before though. For me, nothing to be done after I loose my feeling for someone.”

I have less conversation with her, only physical relationship

On the other hand, this 29 years old real estate agent act exactly the opposite. Let’s hear from him.

“When I want to break up with her, I only have physical relationship with her. I don’t take her out. I don’t have any deep conversation with her either. If we have good physical relationship, I keep her as a woman who I only have sex with.”


Each man act differently when he wants to break up. If you feel your boyfriend is acting strangely, you can ask him “do you want to break up with me?” to surprise him.

I think it’s just a waste of time spending time with someone who is bad for you or who has bad relationship with you. If you also don’t have any feeling for him, you can think of these signs as a chance for you to meet someone new.

Of course, he might act strangely because he is just busy and tired at work. You might be over thinking. In that case, you will show him that you are a supportive girlfriend who notice when her boyfriend is feeling down. Why don’t you help him get through this difficult time?

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