I started to drinking herbal teas ? part 2


In part 1, I asked for some advices on which herbal tea to choose and how to drink it correctly in a herbal tea store. I will write today about how my body started to change after I started drinking herbal tea.

When do you drink herbal tea?

Unlike coffee or tea, herbal tea don’t contain any caffeine. Therefore you can drink it anytime you want. I learned that it will good for my health if I drink it three times a day ? in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

The first thing that changed after I started drinking herbal tea was my morning. I used to drink coffee first thing in the morning, but I changed it to herbal tea.

I was afraid that I won’t feel awake with a herbal tea which doesn’t contain any caffeine. Strangely I didn’t feel sleepy on the way to the work, like I used to when I was drinking coffee. I was actually feeling wide awake when I start working.

I thought I was just excited about this new habit. In fact, it wasn’t just my excited state of mind which was making me more energetic in the morning ? I realized that my body feels lighter in the morning after drinking only herbal tea for a week.

I was actually drinking herbal tea which “make me energetic”, that a herbal tea specialist chose it for me. It’s a herbal tea contain citrus fruit extracts, which smells like marmalade.

It is blended with siberian ginseng, famous for removing the anxiety with orange smell and stimulate the brain functions. I drank this herbal tea, not only in the morning, but in the afternoon during work.

Before your body needs some help

As a working adult, it occurs to me occasionally to go out drinking with your colleagues or your boss from time to time. Your body gets tired with drinking and eating a lot. It’s not a good thing if you want to stay beautiful. I told my concern on this subject when I went to a herbal store. They recommended me a herbal tea which “removes toxin from my body.”

In fact, don’t you think herbal tea is usually lighter and more relaxing with gentle smell than Japanese tea or Chinese tea?

I used believe that herbal tea only “relaxes” us. The herbal tea they choose for me changed my mind. It tasted like light Chinese medicine ? tasted a bit like soil actually.

this herbal tea contains dandelion leaf with a lot of potassium and milk thistle that heals the damages done by alcohol. They use herbs that are used for many years in Europe, which help your body.

I started to drinking this tea in the morning of a day when I go out drinking and at the night after coming home. This slightly bitter tasting tea tastes good after drinking alcohol when my tongue and brain feel dull. I can feel all the toxin is removed from my body by drinking this tea.

After a month drinking herbal tea

Before I started to drink herbal tea, I used to drink coffee all the day. After changing caffeinated drinks to non caffeinated drinks, I felt that my body felt lighter when I don’t take any caffeine.

I was afraid that herbal tea won’t be enough to wake me up in the morning, but I actually woke up refreshed. My brain seems to work faster too.

Moreover, because I hydrate a lot with drinking herbal tea, I started to sweat more than before, making my skin less dry. I also felt less thirsty. I understand now why we need to hydrate a lot to fight back the dryness.

On top of that, it depends on the types of herbal tea that you are drinking, but I stared to have better digestion. Because you hydrate a lot, you go to the toilet many times a day. At the same time, my constipation is improved.

I also enjoy the relaxing time drinking herbal tea after coming home at night after work.

I believe that herbal tea can make you more beautiful from the inside. Beside the fact that it’s good for your health and skin, it also helps you regulate your mind.

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