How to remove hair correctly to get smooth legs

How do you remove the unwanted hair? I always shave during a bath, because I don’t have any time to go to a beauty salon.

I have heard once before that my hair will be thicker if I shave, but it’s just a myth! Because the razor slice away the tip, it appears thicker than before. It doesn’t make my hair grow more.

I was relieved hearing that. Yet I was mistaken on many things about removing hair other than this.

How often you remove hair is important

Three days after I have removed hair, it grows back already. Because I don’t like the short sticking hair, I shave it again. I don’t know why my hair grows so fast. Maybe I have so much testosterone for a woman. Therefore I keep shaving when I notice the hair growing from my skin.

But actually it’s better to remove the hair once a week. It might be enough for winter when I can hide my legs with panty hose, but it’s hard to shave only once a week in summer. Even though it’s better to remove the hair only once a week for your skin, you should only shave only twice a week maximum in summer.

It wasn’t a good idea to shave using body soap…

I used to shave the hair while taking a bath, so I used body soap, instead of shaving cream, when I shave. I used body soap because I didn’t want to damage my skin when I shave. In fact, I was damaging my skin by using body soap.

It’s because body soap remove oil from my skin. On top of that I was shaving on the skin without oil. I thought I had dry skin, but I know now that my skin was dry because of how I shave.

After many researches, I found out it’s best to use Vaseline on my skin when I shave. There are many ways to use Vaseline. If you use it on your skin before shaving, it will make your skin more smooth.

How to shave correctly

It was a mistake to shave while taking a bath. I will show you how to shave well without damaging the skin.

1, Take a bath and clean up the skin

After taking a bath to clean up the skin, you should put lotion on the areas where you want to shave. Moisturize well the skin on these areas.

2, Warm up the skin using hot towel

If you warm up the skin using hot towel, it will open up the pores and makes your skin soft. It will be easier for you to shave.

3, Apply plenty of Vaseline on your skin and shave

Your hair grows in one direction, right? When you shave, you should shave on the opposite direction of the direction in which your hair grows. This way, you can remove your hair well. Shave gently applying the razor on your skin.

4, After shaving

After shaving, you should rinse your skin with lukewarm water or wipe your skin with towel gently. You shouldn’t use hot water to rinse your skin, because it will remove oil from the skin. It’s better to use lukewarm water or cold water when you rinse.

Then, moisturize your skin well. If your skin feels some pains or itchy, you should cool down the skin using cold towel.

Even if you have beautiful long legs, they won’t look beautiful with rough skin covered by skin irritation. I don’t have thin and long legs like models, but I want to at least have beautiful skin on my legs. So I use Vaseline when I shave now.

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