Measures for brittle nails, nail ridges, and hangnails

Are finger nail troubles such as continuing breaking nails, worsening hangnails in cold season, nail ridges signs of poor health?! These are the top three nail troubles which are often heard from people who wear nail arts.

If nail colors are changed, it needs to see a doctor, but you can treat suh nail troubles above by yourself and you can also prevent them. Here are the causes and measures for nail troubles.

Brittle nails

Edges of nails are thin or easy to break. As nails are fragile, it often continues, especially in cold seasons. This is the most common nail trouble and every one might be experienced this.


  • Decrease in amount of oil and moisture on nail due to dryness
  • Less oil and moisture by nature
  • Nails are thin and fragile.
  • Too much using nail polish remover or using nail polish remover in wrong way
  • The way of trimming nails is too rough and nail layers are separated.
  • Trim nails too much (until stress-point)


  • Prevent nails from dryness such as wearing gloves when wet work or applying hand cream until nails, etc.
  • Reduce the number of using nail polish remover. Avoid rubbing nail when using nail polish remover. If nails are still dry, apply oil component to nails.
  • Avoid just using nail clipper. Use nail file, too. Applying moisture and oil to nails when trimming is much better.
  • File nails in one way
  • Trim nails after bath when nails are soft, and moisture nails after that.
  • If symptom appears, apply nail essence or nail cream to nails with massaging .


Area around nails is very dry. Skin firmness is less and skin becomes white and it peels or cracks.


  • Dryness by wet work
  • Dryness around finger tips by seasons or health conditions
  • Too much trimming cuticle
  • Old skin is still remained.
  • Skin around finger tips is hardened.


  • Don’t leave and peel hangnails, trim off by nail nipper(or nail clipper).
  • Apply oil or cream to the point to moisturize.
  • Don’t trim cuticles too much.
  • Soften old hard skin with massaging.
  • Moisturize after using nail polish remover.
  • Especially, moisturize gaps between nails and fingers with massaging.

Nail ridges

Lines or hollows appear on nail surfaces.


  • Always trim cuticles deeply
  • Continued pressure on nail tips
  • Roots of nails become weak if nails are exposed to detergent or chemical components continuously.
  • Roots of nails are temporary weakened(by health condition or stress, etc.) and nails are growing unevenly .


  • Avoid irritation on nails such as trimming cuticles too much.
  • Avoid applying nail polish to cuticles.
  • Prevent hand skin roughness.
  • Massage roots of nails to help function.
  • Keeping health and releasing stress helps to regulate growth of nail.

Nail troubles tend to appear easily with people who take care of their nails. It means taking care of nails is related to nail troubles. The three troubles above are mostly common, but comparatively easy to treat yourself and can be improved immediately.

Please take care your fingers and nails stay fabulous in cold season, too.

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