Is your foundation puff clean? Washing it for better makeup!

Do you stick with cosmetic products? I sometimes impressed that many women are using high brands such as Channel or Dior when they are powering their noses.

As we use cosmetic products to be beautiful, we want better cosmetic products. However, are your cosmetic products working effectively for your makeup? Actually, performances of cosmetic products are influenced with conditions of provided foundation puff of tip brush.

Especially foundation, I see many women who use good products but their foundation puffs are like a croquette. Basically, the color of foundation puff should be fresh color.

I think many people keep using it every day without washing. There are lots of bacteria on dirty colored foundation puff.

I’ve heard from someone who researches cosmetics that there are more bacteria on foundation puff than toilet if not washing it over a week. I was shocked about it.

Cosmetic components and oil, sweat, and dirt from skin are gathering on foundation puff every day. People remove makeup at the end of the day because it is dirty and bad for skin. However, they keep using foundation puff without washing for long time. Don’t you continue such a vicious circle?

How often do we need to wash foundation puff?

It is when color of foundation puff changes.

Ideal timing of washing is every day or once two days which both sides are used. At least, you need to wash it when you use all surfaces of foundation puff. If you think bacteria are increasing by eating cosmetic components and oil, sweat, and dirt from skin on colored area of foundation puff which means it is certainly contacted to skin. I think you want to avoid using it.

How to wash foundation puff?

I recommend using cleaning liquid exclusive to foundation puff. Since skin oil on foundation puff is difficult to remove completely, some people use detergent for kitchen for it. However, using too strong detergent for foundation puff, which is to use for face, is not recommended as you don’t wash face with detergent for kitchen.

Even though you think you wash it completely, dirt on foundation mostly remains and it damages your skin. Additionally, bubbles are difficult to remove and number of rubbing foundation puff is increased. It would be the cause of damaging foundation puff.

Cleaning liquid is not so expensive. Mine is about 300 yen. Prices may various, but I think it is not so different from buying new foundation puff. If you use cleaning liquid, you can get advantages as below.

  • Surprisingly quick to remove dirt
  • Easy to rinse off(bubbles are not generated so much)
  • Taking no long time
  • Mild to hand skin
  • Help longer life of foundation puff(as we don’t rubbing it too much)
  • Become clean like a new one
  • Less damage to skin, etc.

I’ve almost never bought new foundation puff before buying next foundation refill. I think people who have cleaning liquid exclusive to foundation puff are a few yet, but it is really recommended.

What is the advantage of washing foundation puff?

Skin does’t get pimple easily. The cause of pimples is unsanitary condition and increase of bacteria. You should avoid such skin condition. Washing foundation puff is easy.

If you keep using dirty foundation puff, foundation gets hard by mixing with skin oil. Additionally, it goes inside of foundation puff. Then, It becomes more difficult to remove.

Most advantage is the difference in application of foundation. If you keep using foundation puff without washing, the surface becomes gel and solid mass. Then, you can’t apply foundation evenly.

Since particle of foundation is very small, foundation can’t be applied on face well without projection of clean foundation puff.

Even the foundation which has the function of covering pores, it can’t cover pores and can’t be applied on face well and your makeup is easy to comes off earlier if foundation puff is dirty.

It can also prevent foundation from changing in color and shape. It is called Caking which is the situation that skin oil mixes with foundation through foundation puff and foundation gets hard and its color becomes brown. If you don’t keep foundation puff clean, it often happens.

If you keep foundation puff dry, it almost never happens. It means washing foundation puff is very effective.

It is worth trying because you just need to wash foundation puff. It is good for skin, condition of your foundation, cost, and your makeup. Please check your foundation puff right now.

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