Grow nails to be more feminine? Which shape is good?

Don’t you feel feminine when you see beautiful long fingers? It is come from nails. Women with beautiful long nails are so feminine. Even if people who have childish or manly fingers, long nails with good care can help to be feminine hands.

However, people who used to like short nails, they easily break nails or don’t mind the looks if they try to grow their nails. Actually, just growing nails looks dirty. It is important to grow your nails beautifully and treat your nail shapes.

Here are the major shapes of nails and their features.

Pointed nails

It is the shape that nail tips are pointed. It looks cool. However, it has the disadvantage that the tips are easy to break. Therefore, it is not good for beginners.

Oval nails

It is the shape that narrows whole nails little by little. It is not sharpened as pointed nails. It looks like the shape of egg. It is common shape and mature image. It can make your fingers longer and look elegant. I recommend this shape for people who have strong nails.

Round nails

This is the shape that tips are rounded but sides are straight like athletic ground. Round nails are common as well as oval nails. It is also recommendable for beginners. It also has urbane taste and resists shock. This shape is recommended for people who have weak nails.

Square nails

This is the shape that nail tips are straight and square. It looks manly and cool. However, this is not common shape because it is easy to catch in something.

Square-off nails

It is the shape that both edges are rounded compared to square nails. This shape was not common before, but the number of people who have this shape increased these days because this shape can strengthen nails and it is good for French nails

As my hands are manly and my nails are strong, I normally choose oval nails. However, I sometimes grow my nails with round shape when I want to add nail arts or want to have longer nails.

If you have small nails and small hands, you can cover childish hand with square-off nails. Your fingers can appear longer. Good nail shapes are different based on sizes and shapes of hands, lengths and thickness of fingers, and strength and shapes of nails. Please find your best nail shape.

Even women who don’t have confidence of their hands or who normally cut their nails too short, they would look different if they wear nail arts on their best nail shapes. I wish many women challenge nail treatment to be appear more feminine.

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