Rescue skin suffering from a cold.

When suffering from a cold, we are desperately trying to get better and don’t really think about what a dire state our skin is in.
Not only is our body aching but our skin looks awful and we really feel down and out. Feeling depressed is not going to help much; what can we do to remedy out skin condition?

What causes the dire state?

1) Weakened immune system

When one has a cold their body resistance weakens thus also weakening their immune system as well. This triggers skin to become sensitive and react to any minute irritations.

Suddenly the skin lotion you had been using stings or irritates. Why? It could be because you have caught a cold and sick or you could be on your period cycle and your skin is overly sensitive to react.

2) Hygiene perspective

When you are running a fever, you will skip taking a bath but sweat much at the same time and keeping your skin sanitary is actually difficult especially as you are ill thus lacking attention to your skin.

3) Poor nutrition

When you are suffering from a cold, you probably aren’t eating right thus lacking in nutrition. If your internal organs such as the stomach are weakened, you tend to eat what is easy to consume and digest.

You may be getting enough carbohydrates but you are probably short on vitamins and proteins resulting in affecting you skin condition.

Your body is fighting the cold with everything it has.

Although good skin and shining complexion is important to a woman, your body is going to fight its cold first and foremost.

Keeping skin’s condition is secondary and all the nutrients and energy produced from the intake of food will be used to fight off the cold. Your body is not thinking about your “skin” but to save its body.

When your body is fighting off a cold, it needs a lot of vitamin C. It will activate white blood cells that get rid of the virus causing your cold. Vitamin C is required for this.

Vitamin C works for maintaining collagen level but when one’s body is suffering from a cold the vitamin C will be used to fight off the cold virus and maintaining collagen will be secondary.

This explains why your skin becomes dullish and dry when suffering from a cold.

Only way is to protect from outer side!

If you want to keep your skin flawless it’s easy to tell you not to catch a cold but that isn’t realistic, we do all get sick at time.

When we can’t depend on our inner side to maintain our skin balance, we have to go at it from the outer side. The below are ways to protect and maintaining your skin the best you can from outer efforts.

1) Never go without cleansing/washing face

Even if you are down and out feeling ill, don’t go to bed with your makeup on. If you listen to your weakened body without taking your make up off, the makeup will transfer to the surface of your pillow case.

Continuing to use the same pillow case with makeup residue and dirt will possibly breakout your skin from germs. Especially if you don’t recover and stay in bed the whole period you are ill.

2) Use moisture creams

Your skin will suffer dryness and dullness from lack of nutrients and fatigue from fever.

Since you may be sick as a dog, I am not telling you that you have to do the full procedure of skin care you normally do but wash your face and use at least one item to moisturize your skin such as milky lotion, face cream, or beauty serums.

Take vitamin C supplements

Catching a cold early, you should keep in mind to take a good dosage of vitamin C to fight it off for your body and for condition of your skin. You can take foods with Vitamin C or rely on supplements. It will help you prevent your cold from getting worse and also prevent your skin from the down fall.

Since Vitamin C is hydrosoluble and will flush out, I recommend you eat fruits or take supplements frequently.

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