Eyelash extensions; what your beautician needs to be told


Eyelash extensions are becoming more common that even women in their 60’s frequent salons. A little while ago, it was difficult to get hands on extension material and depended mainly on imports. Now of days you can easily purchase extension kits by online shopping.

Because there are no regulations or licensing to use the product, increased are more accidents. Extensions are stuck with glue therefore one must realize that there are some risks to the procedure; but would like to avoid accidents and trouble if we can.

Discuss the “Glue” factor before getting extensions.

Using the glue, accidents can occur as getting the surface of eyes hurt or get eye diseases, reddening of the eye, hurting the cornea and eyelids swelling, get blemishes, and so forth. Once that happen some can suffer the consequence for up to six months or worse, suffer eye sight damage.

Because it is so easy to change your image to having “Manga” looking eyes and pump up your eye “power” women want to use eye extensions but beware of the risks mentioned above and before your get the procedure done, have a serious chat with your beautician about what kind of glue is used and how it is applied.

Glue is adhesive to stick the extension on your eye lid. Ask your beautician what type of glues is used such as where it is made (Japan or imported) or if they have previously tested allergic reactions.

Good salons will know which type of skin is prone to reactions. Find a salon that will give you counselling before they do the actual procedure.

If this is your first time to try eyelash extensions, make sure you are concerned about allergic reactions and fear you may suffer from it. See if they can answer your concern.

To avoid skin irritation; wait till all extensions fall out.

Just because your initial trial brought no skin irritation or any serious accidents you should still be aware. To avoid any kind of trouble, I recommend you wait till all the false eyelashes fall out before a new set.

However once some of the extensions start falling out and your eyelashes look uneven, it’s not really possible to touch it up with mascara so most go get a new set. Remover chemical for extensions is a factor that also causes trouble and irritation to the eyelid.

Once again glue is an adhesive so to remove it you must use alcohol contained removers; for those who have sensitive skin are probe for some kind of reaction such as irritation. If you think you have that extra sensitive skin be smart and ask beforehand if they can alternate the remover by using a beauty serum. You want to protect yourself.

For round up of what to be concerned when getting eyelash extensions:

  • Even if you don’t know if you are allergic to the glue, raise concern.
  • Ask if the glue is domestically made and if they have done allergy patch test.
  • Ask if you can remove glue with beauty serum.

Find a good salon does a good job and enjoy your “wow” eyes with eyelash extensions!

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