How to use concealer. With this, face color will be one tone up!

“What is concealer? I don’t have it.” Concealer is not familiar like this. In fact, it is not as showy as foundation and point-makeup goods. But, it shows a great power, depending on way of use.

Concealer is indispensable unlike foundation.

This is common sense among actresses and fashion models. There is no stage that concealer is not required, but foundation is not the case. Concealer is so to speak magical makeup goods to make impression of face changed with it only.

But you may have a concealer unused in drawer. In such case, the reason may be like “Total spreads become too thick”, “Do not know how to use well” or “Concealing is not well done”. I think it a waste.

Your face color will be one tone up, depending on how to use concealer,

Firstly, make transparent feeling.

Use concealer after use of liquid foundation or before use of powder foundation. Liquid type concealer is popular because of easiness in use. Liquid type is better in extension and easier to use for beginners than solid type shaped like rouge.

As for dark circles of the eyes, concealer tends to be spread thickly. But it is no good. If you want to conceal dark circles of the eyes, spread it in wider range.

That is, put it on skin a little generously from beneath of the eye to upper of cheek bone like inverted triangle.

After that, beat the part gently with balls of finger, especially beneath the eye with much care. Ends of the eyes are easy to hollow. For this, pencil type concealer is cheap and convenient.

Eyelids are easy to become dark. It is due to daily fatigue and influence of makeup. Put concealer generously on eyelids, too.

As capillary runs on this part, never beat strongly. Gently and carefully to the last. By concealer, coloring of eye shadow and glowing of mascara will get much improved.

In order to make whole face transparent, spread concealer on chin and around nostrils, too. In particular for nostrils, only concealer is enough because foundation is easy to come off.

Put concealer widely around nostrils, and beat it with balls of finger. Color of concealer should be near color of your skin. Over putting will give an adverse effect because it will gather on grooves of nostrils. On this part, put it thinly.

Make apparent age 5 years younger by concealing nasolabial folds.

Apparent age looks older by nasolabial folds. You can recover it well with concealer.

If you put concealer just on nasolabial folds, the folds become more noticeable. So, put concealer widely from nostrils to upper of mouth. But be careful not to extend more widely. Otherwise, cheek will look sagging.

Extend it with balls of finger carefully up and down, not along nasolabial folds.

Make face color up in T zone.

Put concealer on center of forehead and low end of nose line. Light-pink colored concealer is the best. Extend the concealer like gradating, rather than beating. By doing so, your face will look more elastic and lighter by one tone.

Any point-makeup does not glow on dark makeup base. Only makeup base uniform in color enables various point-makeups to glow, from light vitamin makeup to dark mascara.

Please make use of concealer unused in drawer. I assure you that your face color will be one tone up.

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