Makeup depends on “prescription 5 minute before makeup”.

Skin has to accept strong ultraviolet rays and dryness in fall. In addition, difference of temperature in a day is big; sweaty in daytime and cold late at night and early in the morning. Due to this, application of makeup is not good in this season. To solve it, I will introduce “prescription 5 minutes before makeup”. I do recommend to start it from next morning.

Firstly, pay attention to face washing.

If you are at 10’s, it may be no problem to wash face as scrubbing with cleanser for pimples. But if you are at more than 25 and do the same, skin of face will get close to dry skin at once.

Only tepid water is enough for face washing in the morning. If possible, it is desirable to pack face with steamed towel before washing face. Heat by microwave moist towel after squeezed water. Then, put it on your face and wait until it cools down.

After that, wash your face with tepid water. Skin without darkness will revive without cleansing foam.

Do not beat lotion.

If you have sensitive skin, beating lotion is NG in this season. There is a possibility that capillary will be cut and tone of whole face will get down. Spread lotion gently and smoothly. In particular, pay attention to around the eyes where capillary is running.

Preserve lotion in refrigerator, because chilled lotion has an effect to tighten pores.

Milk lotion and massage

As milk lotion has good property to extend, apply it to skin with doing lymph massage. Extend it from center of face to outside and continue to extend it from rear of ears through neck to clavicle. Repeat this several times.

By this, blood circulation will get improved and tone of skin will be raised. If you have time, do massage on rear of ears selectively to get more effect.

Makeup base is indispensable.

By spreading makeup base before use of foundation, image of makeup will change a great deal. Makeup base prevents foundation from getting into pores and makes application of foundation better. It also prevents deterioration of makeup.

Spread makeup base on whole face and neck. If color of face and color of neck is clearly separated, it should be said shameful makeup.

Further, if you have time, trace beneath of the eyes and nasolabial folds with concealer like applying it to the parts bit by bit with fingers after spreading makeup base. By this only, impression of makeup will change a great deal.

Mascara base for eyelashes

Recently, mascara base is sold. This base is very good, too. By spreading it thinly before use of mascara, effect of mascara to curl and keep eyelashes will increase. In addition, it is friendly to eyelashes and protect eyelashes from irritation of mascara.

Five minutes before makeup is very important. Preparation for makeup may be more important than makeup itself. Makeup is not mere painting but drawing pictures. Do try technique of this “prescription 5 minutes before makeup” from tomorrow.

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