Regain glossy hair! 8 simple ways for it.

Women adore long and glossy hair. Beautiful hair is an important factor to be regarded beauty.

But, don’t you worry that recently hair has lost gloss or fallen hair has increased? I will introduce 8 simple ways of hair care. Let’s regain thick and glossy hair with them!

For current women, it is almost impossible to keep beautiful long hair. Busy every day, irregular life and diets and so on-there are so many factors to give bad influence to hair. Hair is reborn in natural cycles.

It is said that hair grows 1cm per month. So, it takes time that whole hair is reborn. We cannot change pace of growth of hair but can repair damaged hair.

Firstly, let’s think of causes by which hair is damaged. Many women fail in restoration of hair by consuming time for trial of hair conditioners containing much chemicals which give adverse effect to hair. Be careful of it! Simple is best.

1. Keep hair clean.

First of all, keeping hair clean in a right way is important to promote growth of healthy hair.

Do not leave stains on scalp, which clog pores of scalp. Each time you feel that hair gets oily, for example after sport, wash your hair soon.

But I do not recommend to wash hair every day, because it deprives hair of natural oil and causes dry hair or frizzy hair. 3 -4 times shampoo a week is enough.

2. Do massage of hair.

Massage is very effective for growth of hair. Use in massage oil such as olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil. After warming a little quantity of oil in palms of hands, do massage of scalp with fingers.

Massage stimulates hair follicles and improve blood circulation. Remove old keratins which prevent growth of hair, by repeating massage gentle and strong.

3. Comb hair.

Brush your hair with hair brush. Brush made of hair of wild pig is recommendable. Do not brush when hair is wet. After washing hair, comb hair like disentangling hair with wide-gap comb.

4. Take healthy diets.

Both internal and external efforts are necessary for beauty. Hair is same. Surface of hair is formed with proteins and dead cells. So, it is meaningless to give nutrients to surface of hair.

Important is root of hair. As long as root of hair is healthy, hair grows. In order to keep roots of hair healthy, try to take healthy diets.

Take much fruits and vegetables. Also take beans, fish, eggs and yogurt. These contain much proteins indispensable for growth of hair.

5. .Drink water.

Water has an effect of natural cure. Discharge toxic chemicals from body by drinking much water. Instead, decrease quantity of coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks.

If you overdrink these drinks, chemicals harmful to normal function of body such as growth of hair are formed in body.

6. Cut hair periodically.

Cut hair once a month to remove split ends of hair. Split ends lead to damage of hair. By removing split ends, hair becomes easy to be restored, which leads to healthy hair.

7. Take vitamins.

Vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B and biotin are very effective nutrients to promote growth of hair. Vitamins are safe nutrients which body requires when it lacks vitamins.

8. Decrease stress.

Current people have much stress in their life. Stress causes ill-condition of body. Insomnia comes from stress, too.

Mental condition is important for health. Adequate sleep gives body vitality and activates body. Try to remove stress by such as yoga, meditation, walking and swimming and send healthy life.

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