Are you all right to choose shampoo? Attention to catch copy

On what standard do you choose shampoo? Maybe, there are many women who choose shampoo by catch copy on the label or mood, regardless of ingredients in shampoo.

This time, I will introduce 3 types of catch copy on package, which you had better not believe as it is.

1. “XXXX ingredient is composed”

It is not my intention to say not to buy shampoo that “XXXX ingredient is composed” is printed on the package. But this is one of catch copy you should not believe as it is.

For example, most probably, almost shampoos with “Ingredient of natural origin is composed” contain surface activating agent. And, surface activating agent of natural origin does not exist.

In the meantime, there are shampoos with “No additives”. What is not added is vague. Some of them are sold at high prices although these have ingredients like those of cheap shampoos.

Therefore, since “Ingredient of natural origin is composed” or “No additives” is printed, you trust as it is-is unreasonable.

If you have used expensive shampoo with “No additives” or “Ingredients of natural origin is composed” and nonetheless condition of hair has not been improved, it is wise of you to change shampoo.

2. “prevent XXXX”

Shampoo with “Prevent dandruff”, for example, is sold. But it is impossible to prevent dandruff by shampoo.

Dandruff is dried surface of scalp detached. So, expression “prevent dandruff” is used mainly for amino acid line shampoo containing oily materials.

If you have a problem of dandruff, I recommend to improve way of shampoo such as to wash out shampoo thoroughly from scalp, instead of putting weight on content of shampoo.

3. Popular at Web site of words and mouth

We happen to see catch copy, “No.1 at site of words and mouth” or “No.1, continuous X years”. There are too many shampoos for us to choose with confidence. Then, many women are attracted by such words and buy.

Shampoo with such catch copy may be actually popular at a site of words and mouth. But important is content of the words and mouth.

If you find a shampoo with “No.1 at site of words and mouth” at a shop, do not buy it then and check the words and mouth at home.

You will find that not all people praise it highly and some reviews are of those who have different type of hair from yours.

Even if “NO.1” is the fact, there is a possibility that it is among those of senior or junior generation to your generation. So, pay attention to generation of those who write words and mouth.

How about shampoo at hair salon?

I think it the best way that you have shampoo fit to your scalp and hair chosen by a stylist at a hair salon. It is better if you can get a sample for trial before purchase.

But, shampoos sold at hair salons are a little expensive. Even women who pay money generously to skin care tend to spare money to shampoo and hair conditioner.

But gloss-less hair is a factor to make you look older, and uncared scalp causes sag of skin of face.

If you do skin care for antiaging, I recommend to review whether shampoo is fit to your scalp and hair or not.

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