Beauty effect guide by ingredients for your worried skin!

Wish to get beautiful skin and keep it as long as possible…It is natural to think so as woman. In order to realize your desire, it is important to know your skin type well and then find cosmetics fit to your skin.

But, step to find cosmetics is most difficult. I found a guide line to state effects of ingredients contained in cosmetics by ingredients, which will be helpful in your choosing cosmetics fit to your skin based on ingredients.

I will be happy if you can find ones among uncountable cosmetics with this guide line to satisfy you and make yourself more beautiful!

To start as early as possible is important so that you can realize perfect skin and keep youthfulness of skin. The key is to find the best composition of ingredients through trials and to continue to use the composition.


AHA, an acid extracted from fruits, has been regarded as valuable ingredient to realize youthfulness of skin from ancient times. Condensed AHA is effective to remove such as unnecessary keratin on surface of skin, inflammation and trace of pimples.

If you want to get fresh and light colored skin, cosmetics containing AHA are recommendable.

As AHA relates to formation of collagen, cosmetics containing AHA is also recommendable to those who wish to get elastic and youthful skin. However, there is a possibility that quantity of AHA in many cosmetics is too little for you to get effect as you desire.

In case that you wish to have trace of pimples or inflammation removed as soon as possible, you had better go to dermatology for advice of special care.

Cream composed of AHA prevents such as wrinkles and makes your skin smooth. AHA is also contained in such as lemon extract, grape extract and apple extract.

Ingredient antioxidant

Cosmetics containing antioxidant ingredients are helpful to promote activities of skin cells and give skin an antiaging effect. Skin gets hurt by external damages and being aged. This ingredient is much suitable to those who worry it.

Antioxidant ingredient is recommendable for those in particular at age of more than 25. The ingredient is contained in vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenol and coenzyme Q10. Choose one in accordance of your budget and needs.


Our skin is always influenced by external environment. Skin has a property of self-protection to external damages. But we wash it out in everyday face washing.

Cosmetics containing lipid play an alternative role for barrier of skin removed by us and protect our skin from such external damages as sunshine, dryness and stains.

It is said that natural barrier of skin is restored after 3 hours from face washing. So, we had better supplement the barrier. If you have dry skin, I recommend you to adopt cosmetics containing lipid positively.

Lipid is contained in such as ceramide and fatty acid.

Ingredient to retain moisture

Moisture in body is being lost every moment. This deprives skin of elasticity and makes skin dried. Ingredient to retain moisture is necessary to prevent it.

Ingredient to retain moisture increases moisture level in skin and make skin to look and give feeling in touch smooth and elastic. For those who worry wrinkles caused by dryness, this ingredient is recommendable.

Cosmetics containing such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and uric acid will be helpful.


As cosmetics containing retinoid keep youthfulness of skin and have good effect to formation of collagen, cosmetics containing retinoid are recommendable for antiaging care. Also retinoid has a property to remove unnecessary surface of skin, which leads to youthful and clear skin.

Retinoid can be said the most effective ingredient for those who worry aging of skin. If you worry it, try to choose cosmetics containing retinoid or vitamin A.

How about beauty effect guide by ingredients? I think there are ingredients, only name of which you know but you do not know which effect, and you have read with an interest.

Try to use these ingredients each by each and find most suitable ones to your skin troubled or to be improved, and become more beautiful! I will be happy, if this article is helpful to you.

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