7 Rules to Have a Good Relationship with “Mummy’s Boy” Man


“Which one do you cherish? Me or your mother?”
You would think this is the line from some drama or novels ? but you are wrong.
Because of declining birth rates and elementary family effects, the ladies who get fed up with the man who prioritises his mother are increasing.
With this article, I will introduce “7 rules to have a good relationship with ‘Mummy’s Boy’ man”.
There have been some cases that the couple got divorced because the husband was Mummy’s Boy man.
You should know the countermove beforehand, so that you can be prepared when you see your partner is being Mummy’s boy man.
And you will not be irritated by his behaviour.

1: You should avoid having relationship with the mother of Mummy’s Boy man

I can understand if you’d like to have a good relationship with the mother of your partner.
However, you should better not to have close relationship with his mother as it can result in increasing conflicts between you and your partner.
Mummy’s Boy man can easily be jealous, so he wouldn’t like if his wife or girlfriend were in touch with his mother behind his back.
You are doing so for a good intension, but he will complain like “Why do you know such things?” or “You should think of my position”, and you will get tired of his accusation.
You should avoid such behaviour, which can be a cause for unnecessary rowing. You should try not to have unnecessary deep relationship with his mother.

2: Never say “You are such a Mummy’s Boy!” even if you want to

I bet you just want to say to him “You’re such a Mummy’s Boy!” because he always prioritises his mother over you.
In most cases, it’s not completely his fault and it can be an unfortunate result of his mother not letting him go or be independent.
You need a big heart with great patience, which accepts him and his love for his mother.
Mummy’s Boy man is usually childish, so if the woman rises above him by retreating a little bit, the relationship can stay well.

3: You should adjust the flavouring of food how he likes

Mummy’s Boy man usually wants “mother’s flavour”, which has been his favourite since his childhood.
He tends to be picky, so you need to adjust the flavouring how he likes.
Whether he likes salty taste, or sweeter, once you know what he prefers then you will have no troubles.
If you stubbornly say “This is my way!”, your relationship with him will only get worse.
If you are good at cooking, it will help if you taste his mother’s food once and you can get the sense of it.
It’d be a good idea to get the recipe off his mother as well.
I know it doesn’t sound fair not being able to insist on your way, but you should make an effort if you like him.

4: You shouldn’t plan a date on Mother’s Day or his mother’s birthday

Mother’s Day or mother’s birthday is the most important days for Mummy’s Boy man.
You would get irritated if you asked him for a date and he turns it down saying ‘Oh sorry, it’s my mother’s ___’.
Even though you wouldn’t know his tendency on the 1st year of your relationship, you will start to understand his family’s anniversary or special days if the relationship is lasting over a year.
If you know that he is going to visit his family, then you should just avoid asking him for a date.
You should never try to challenge him by double-booking him on his important days; you will be the one left brokenhearted when he prioritises his mother.

5: Never ever ask “Which one do you like, me or your mum?”

Even as a woman, if you have two things you cherish and if you were asked to abandon one thing ? you can understand it is a hard decision to make.
Then you should not ask your partner “Which one do you like, me or your mum?”, trying to compete with his mother.
For him, he would not want to lose neither you nor his mother.
He would be confused and wouldn’t know what to do for such a difficult question.
One thing that is obvious is that Mummy’s Boy man wouldn’t reply to you saying “Of course I like you more”.
You shouldn’t try to make things harder for him or he will end up not liking you.

6: You shouldn’t complain about him to his mother

It’s fairly common that when you complain about him to his mother and the story reaches all the way to him in the end.
No matter how nice his mother is, you should try not to consult his mother about your relationship.
His mother loves him eventually, so she will not be on your side.
In the worst case scenario, the story gets exaggerated and you will lose his trust and the relationship will be unfixable.
If you want to complain, it would be good idea to talk to your family or your girlfriends who you know that they wouldn’t talk to him about your complaints.

7: You should do something special as a couple in order to have better bonds

No matter how your partner is close to his mother, there are many things that he can only enjoy with the girlfriend or the wife.
It would be nice to have a trip for lovers together, or have rings in pairs. It is very important that you do something with just two of you to make memory for both of you and have better and deeper bonds.
If your partner realises the importance of you, he will think highly of you just like he feels for his mother.
When you spend more time with him, he will realise that you are special in the different way to his mother and you are someone that he can’t lose.

That’s about it. I know I have told you a lot of things, however, if you really can’t stand it then probably it’s a good idea to have a deep discussion with him.
It is good that you obey the unspoken rules, but it will be disappointing if you are putting up with it too much and you feel burdened.
If you say charmingly “You always talk about your mum and I feel a bit left out”, Mummy’s Boy man might notice how you feel.
I know you always have something to worry about, but you can overcome this wisely.

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