Guys’ Life habits which make us irritated after marriage

Although you loved him very much and get married, such feeling might be changed if you meet him every day. Of course you would have lots of happy moments but you will sometimes get irritated or quarrel with him. Especially, you might get irritated with his life habit.

His life habit would not match you sometimes since you both are from totally different background.

It is fine as long as you can accept that, but in case such life habit differences affect daily life and you get irritated quite often, you might get worried if you can
live with him forever.

Let’s see what kind of life habits would irritate us after marriage.

Not cleaning up taken off clothes

Shirts, socks and jackets are left over after changed. He just leaves everything on the floor and sofa and does not put in laundry basket or

These guys are actually quite many. It is fine as long as wives think “there is nothing to do for it”, but it is really irritating to see scattered clothes on the floor for
housewives who are busy with housework.

We get irritated and wonder why they can’t even put socks in laundry basket.

leave everything opened

We get irritated if he leaves door and closet opened, not closing any lids, and leaves everything opened. We can’t feel calmed if doors are opened and it is cold in winter. It really makes us irritated when wind blows in.

Close after opened. They should do this basic thing.

not punctual

It is common sense to be punctual for adults. However, he does not come back by that time although he said “I will be at home at ○” and we have been
preparing dinner. 5 or 10min is fine and 30min is also acceptable.

However, if he is one hour late, he should let us know that time from the beginning. Such guys would not inform us updated time so we are not sure when they
are coming back. This kind of situation really make us irritated.

We also get irritated if he does not feel sorry for letting his friends wait. We want to avoid getting irritated every time we have appointment.

Not using toilet cleanly

Guys tend to make surroundings of the toilet dirty. It would smell and cleaning is tough if we keep dirt as it is. We want them not to make it
dirty or clean if it gets dirty.

Wives would be cleaning toilet in many cases. Guys should think how their wives would feel.

Change channel during commercial

Some guys change channel during commercial. We understand that they want to check other channels, but that makes us feel restless so we want them to stop.

Eating habit

We get irritated when they make sound, round their back when eating, and bring plates close to their mouths.

Eating is not only with family but also with others. We are embarrassed and even feel sorry if they eat like that outside as well.

We sometimes feel reluctant to tell them since it might hurt their pride. However, that is really against manner so we would be less irritated by telling them

Keep electricity on

They can’t do basic things such as turning off TV when not watching, turning off light when going out of the room and turn off electricity when not necessary. It is not a matter of being stingy or not, but we get irritated why they can’t feel it is waste.

Drink directly from pet bottle

It is not hygienic to drink juice or milk directly from pet bottle or paper pack without using glass. We should always use glass or cup to drink them.

Character get changed while driving

He is calm and not short temper, but suddenly use rough and dirty words when driving. We get nervous since it can initiate quarrel if other hear these words.

He is not like that normally so we feel very reluctant to let him drive any more.

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