Things we want to check before marriage to avoid regrets

We get excited with our future when marriage comes out with our partners.

However, let’s think about what we should check with our partners before marriage to prevent us from regretting in the future. We should check now since our
relationship with partners became tight enough to talk about marriage.

Let us talk about values of double work, income and children.

Let’s check our values for balancing work and family! Should we also check annual income?

It is not common right now to live on husband’s income only due to long recession, but even now some guys feel they don’t want their wives to work and want
to support family with their income only.

However, we should still check his monthly or annual income since it is not surprising for us to think “it is not possible……” even though he
thinks it is possible.

You shall be relieved to become housewife if your value matches with your partner after confirming it is all right to live on single income.

On the other hand, some guys think they can’t support family with their own income or they want women not to stay at home and work outside.

This case is fine if women also think they want to keep working after marriage or support household income. However, the number of women who want to be
housewives is now increasing so this view might disappoint such women.

There would be also other cases like guys do not want women to work while women want to continue working after marriage.

In case expected marriage life is different among two, we can discuss and think of solution, or plan ahead before marriage.

We should discuss deeply before marriage rather than regretting like “I did not know that you think this way!” after marriage. Discussion can help us to
understand each other and seek solution by giving way each other.

Having children or not, life before & after delivery, and child rearing

Divorce can be triggered if one wants to have a child while the other does not.

Child is considered to be a gift from Heaven, so sometimes we can’t have a child even if we wanted. It is better to discuss our partner’s
preference and how he thinks in case it was not possible.

Women who decided to keep working after marriage might also need to quit or take leaves after having a child, so we should also discuss that part to some

For example, we should check if we can live on husband’s income only in case we quite job, when we should restart working if we go back to work, and how to
cooperate housework and child rearing.

Having debt or not

It is really serious if we find out his debt after marriage except for common-sensible loan such as car loan. You can frankly ask him saying you don’t want him to
tell a lie or hide something.

It depends on you if you think it is impossible to get married or postpone marriage until he returns all the money, but you will have lots of issues if your get
married without knowing his debt.

It would be also better to confirm debt for business fund in case our partner runs his own business.

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