Marriage to escape from loneliness will make us even lonelier

The reason for getting married should be since we have met someone whom we truly love and want to devote our whole life to him or her.

However, those who are getting married to escape from loneliness is increasing. Statistics say nearly half women are getting married for this reason.

As for men, more than half is getting married from this reason. What does it mean?

You might understand if you have ever lived alone, but we sometimes feel very lonely without any prior symptoms. We mostly feel lonely when we eat alone at
home. We often eat hot pot when it is getting colder, but having hot pot alone is really lonely.

Same can be said for sleeping at night. It should not be every day, but sense of loss is really big when we feel lonely.

Women’s cooking and sex are the ones which can’t let guys separated from women. Women should make effort to catch guys’ heart by cooking. I think women
can do this if they really love their partners.

However, sex should be in common for both guys and women. Sex is important even from women’s perspective. We can feel relieved and happy through body
touching. This is the biggest thing which can let us escape from loneliness.

However, biggest trap exists if we get married to escape from loneliness. We are just attracted by partners since we want them to take away our lonely feeling, but we are misunderstanding that with love.

Therefore, one lonely feeling is taken away after getting married, the attracted feeling would also vanish. Our interest in our partners will be gone completely.

As a result, we are not sure why we love and get married to our partners. We are not sure if we really loved them.

In that case, we will be forced to have a life without our heart being connected.
You might feel even lonelier after marriage, so you should not get married just because you feel lonely. You should be happy with him now and should get
married to him to be happier.

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