“Pillow Talk” from England may help long distance relationship


The loneliest thing for long distance relationship is we can’t feel our partners, and this is really tough. We can’t see our partners when we want to, or can’t even
talk on the phone if time does not match.

We have good news for couples in long distance relationship. The product which is really good for these couples is being developed in England. The name of the
product is “Pillow Talk” which means “love conversation in the bed room” in Japanese.

We can imagine that this is something which only couples can understand each other. Don’t you want to check this product how it works?

“Pillow Talk” starts by wearing special wrist band and send signal to iPhone application using Bluetooth. Surprisingly, we can listen to our
partners’ beating.

We can also wear writ band and send our beating to our partners. Pillow shines while signal is being sent, so we can just hug that pillow. It is something like
co-sleeping pillow which can deliver our partners’ images.

Your lonely feeling might change to sweat one if we can sleep feeling our partners’ beating. We can’t feel love only by touching skin directly.

Listening to our loved one’s beating is the same as getting item which we can feel love. Regardless of the distance, his beating at this moment is only for me, and same thing can be said for him.

We can feel our loved one’s existence even though distance is far. The time is very valuable for couples. The time is only for two and nobody else can interfere.

The product is not on sale yet. We really hope it will be in the market shortly. The project started two years ago and getting whole world’s interest. This might
be because some countries have conscription system.

Many couples break up while they are in the military service, but this product might help them. The product might be good for couples whose partners are
working separated from their families.

I hope it will be sold in Japan shortly as well. Long distance relationship can be enjoyed with this product.

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