How to act if your husband fell in love with your friend

As you can imagine from recently produced term “IKUMEN”, more and more fathers are participating child rearing compared to before.

Even if they are not really good at raising children very much, they still participate children events held in nursery, kindergarten or local community actively.

The time when they can see “their own children are playing with other children” is precious for them since they can’t see that usually.

However, what if your husband’s eyes are following your friend who are also a mother……? Actually we hear lots of issues about “my husband has fallen love with my friend”.

Trigger which makes us doubtful is “their eyes”

In most of the cases, “husband’s eyes” is the trigger which makes us think that “relationship between my husband and my friend is doubtful”. It might be
women’s intuition. You would notice that your husband’s eyes are persistently following your friend at the event or when you coincidentally
meet your friends at supermarket.

In addition, your friend’s eyes are also following your husband and they smile each other, which makes it even more doubtful. We feel concerned when our
husband asks what kind of topics we talk with our friends, or he asks us “why don’t we invite Mrs. ○○” whenever we plan some events.

More serious observation should be required in case “your husband has registered friend in SNS with your friend” or “your husband exchanged contact with your
friend and sending messages quite often”.

It is important to confirm if it’s mutual or one-way love

If you feel doubtful about your husband, it is important to distinguish if it is one-way love from your husband or mutual love. Guys are silly enough to follow their preferred type of ladies even after they became fathers or their counterpart is friend of their wives.

You can just laugh out saying “he is really silly” if that is just “preferred type of mum” whom they just follow their eyes.

We need to observe more in case he wants to participate the event which your friend is also coming, speaking something which might contest
against your friend’s husband, or when he wants to contact her directly. Your husband’s feeling would be strong in these cases.

In any cases, you should confirm that it is one-way love from your husband and your friend should not be criticized. Even if you fee annoyed, that is just coming
from your jealous.

Your friend might be at loss for being loved one-way and she would not be interested in your husband at all.

You should never say “my husband seems to be in love with Mrs. ○○” to that friend or other friends in common. You should be also careful not to take cool
attitude to him by thinking about that too much.

It is rather important to take care so that your husband gets out of control and confuse or annoy family of your friend.

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