Check before marriage if you are over your 30’s!

People are getting married late these days and those who get married for the first time in their 30’s and 40’s are increasing. Their parents are also old in this
case, so we have to think about upcoming problems such as living together and looking after parents for marriage.
We would like to check below when marriage comes up with partners. It is better to check if your to-be-husband is in the 30’s even if you are still young.
In addition, many people plan to have their own home in their 30’s, so there might be cases you they buy their own home at the same time as marriage.
That plan might change depending on living with parents or not, so let’s think about this.

Possibility about living with parents and looking after them

Living together with partner’s parents or not would be definitely one of the problems women have to think before getting married.
Therefore, you should not easily mention “I can live with your parents”, but you should rather check with your partner and his parents what they think about that.
You should discuss frankly if living together starts at the same time as marriage, or you would live separately with your partner’s parents
initially but gradually living together.

This is because guys who had been saying they would not live together with their parents sometimes change their mind suddenly, and women can’t accept that.
Especially if you are getting married in your 30’s or 40’s, you might have to cope with problem of looking after parents shortly.
We are not sure about the future, but it is better to discuss “what you think about that at this moment” regarding living together and looking after parents.
Of course, some women might request their partners to live with their own parents, so it is better to discuss that in advance.

Buying home and possibility of relocation

Possibility of living together with parents would also affect buying your own home.
You might be able to choose your own home freely if you already know that there is no possibility of living with parents, such as other siblings shall live with
parents or parents already passed away. However, if you are planning to live with parents together in the future, you might need to think if you are buying home now and selling later, parents would be living in your own home later, or not buying together but saving money for renovation expenses of parents’ home.
In addition, relocation shall also affect decision of buying your own home, so it is better to check the possibility of your partners’ relocation.
In addition, it is better to check your preference and values each other such as what kind home you prefer to buy, stand-alone house or
apartment. If preference differs, it is also important to know the reason.

You might feel reluctant to discuss that deep before marriage, but it is important to check your partner’s thoughts and opinion in earlier stage since women are
generally particular with housing.
It is really disappointing if opinions among two are totally different when you are ready to “buy your own home”.

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