The conditions from women against marriage partners nowadays

I think many women are sigh for not being able to meet ideal partner although they wish to get married. It is find to pursue dream, but pursuing too much may
result in loosing chances.
Previous conditions for marriage partners from women were tall, high income and high academic background, but now such conditions have been changing
dramatically. Let’s review your own marriage partners by knowing average conditions.
Then, you might be able to find ideal partner in your nearby surroundings. Let us introduce ideal marriage partner from women side.

Being a permanent employee

It is actually not so easy to find guys who are working as permanent employees. The ratio of non-permanent employees is increasing
a lot, and it is not surprising for guys to work as non-permanent employees.
However, women’s real intention is they don’t want to get married to unstable guys. Women can never quit their jobs if their partners can be dismissed anytime. No need to say for women to feel difficult to get pregnant and have children.
In case women can’t continue working due to these events, it is really concerning for them, so they want to choose guys working as permanent employees.

Not having affairs with other women

No women compromise for guys having affairs with other women. Most women shall never forget guys having affairs with other women after married. This is
because women pursue stability for their marriage partners.
Women get mentally uneasy if they know their marriage partners have affairs with other women. They don’t want to have more
stress in this stress society.
In addition, it would make financial burden bigger. Guys are naturally vain so they tend to support their adulterous lovers financially. That becomes a big stress
for wives.

Sharing housework and child rearing

Women feel it is difficult to live on husband’s income only in this recession. Women think that they also have to continue to work after marriage and having
Therefore, they can’t accept guys as their marriage partners if guys are not prepared for sharing housework and child rearing. It
depends on women what kind of conditions they have for their partners, but we also need to be careful since having high request would just result in loosing
marriage chances.

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