Get firmer skin in one time! Sparkling skin care with “Tansan Kakumei”

The skin care with carbon acid is the trend these days! The carbon acid makes the good blood circulation and speeds up the metabolism, it helps facial rejuvenation.

ActuallyI found the product with shocking name “Tansan Kakumei(carbon acid revolution)” some days ago lol.

This is it.

I had a complex about the little wrinkles of eye area… I was trying to reduce them, but they were connected and became more wrinkles. Additionally, wrinkles were getting increased by the dryness during this winter. I was so shocked!

I was aware of that only taking special skin care for eye area no longer can work. I found the “Tansan Kakumei” as I was thinking of measure for inner dry skin and improving blood circulation.

It received high evaluations from customers on @ cosme and Rakuten. It is not for partial skin care but incredibly helpful for good blood circulation. It can warm and soften the skin cells.

I bought 5 pack trail set in this time

In this time, I bought “5 pack trial set”. There were also 20 pack set and 40 pack set but I decided trying from 5 pack trial set.

There were two types of powders as A and B as shown above and 5 each in set.

As this name is Tansan Kakumei(carbon acid revolution), I was wondering before use it how the revolution happens. There was scary information such as “Bubbles hit your face!” “Your face turns red afterward.” on official web site…

However, I had to make effort for a complex which is the wrinkles of eye area! So, I tried it immediately!

When I put A and B into basin…

First of all, put some water in basin. Any amount of water is fine.

Appearances of both A and B are white powders. Put A first, and put B next into the basin with water.

When I put A into water and mixed it, it looked nothing to change. Some powders were sinking to the bottom, so I mixed it.

When I put B into water, I was surprised! It just started spreading with white color like a forming bath agent. Then, finely bubbling with “fizzy sound” ! You might be surprised with the look and sound. When I mixed it slowly, it became silence. I was little relived lol.

Well, the revolution is now started

The way of using this Tansan Kakumei is just soaking your face into the carbonated water mixed with powders for 3 minutes. I prepared my mind and put my face into it….I was shocked. I couldn’t help but got my face up.

Ouch, it hurts!!! lol

However, I’ve already known about this because I saw the word of mouth information on web site. To be exact, I felt it ouch at first, but it was gradually changed to good feeling and exhilarating feeling.

For your information, using lukewarm water can relieve the pain.

My palms became red

Instead of my face, I soaked my hand into the basin to show you what happened♪

Do you see? My hand became red!!!

You can see easily that the power of carbon increases blood circulation. My hand in the photo looks painful, but red color turns to normal in few minutes. You don’t have to worry about it.

I definitely felt that my skin changed like a surface of boiled egg. My face with makeup was totally different. In my case, I deeply moved that wrinkles of eye area were better after I used it twice. I can’t stop using it, right?

Tansan Kakumei is addictive!

I used it 5 times in total. From the second time, I used it in bathroom. I removed makeup and washed my face. Then, I tried to place the basin on my knee and I soaked my face into the water with Tansan Kakumei in it while I was soaking bathtub.

As blood circulation of not only my face but every part of body was good, my face didn’t become red. So, I think this way is more effective. Also trying it with various temperatures can be fun.

After that, the bubbles could be regenerated again when I mixed the powders at the bottom of basin! So, I poured it over my head, then ouch lol. I saw the word mouth information that hair becomes shiny by using it.

I’ve used the carbon mist and carbon form type makeup remover before, but it is the first time that I could feel such a great effect of facial rejuvenation. I thought using this product was much better than going to get facial treatment which is very expensive. I totally understood why this product received high evaluations on @ cosme.
If you consider top level facial care at your home, you should try it.

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