It that moisturizing skin care really effective?! How to moisturize your skin rightly

“Dryness” is the great enemy to beautiful skin. If dryness, roughness, wrinkles, and dullness appear on your skin, your skin becomes far from transparent skin. It goes to skin troubles such as the condition that the lotion doesn’t penetrate to your skin.

Daily “moisturizing skin care” is important to protect your skin from dryness. However, is your own moisturizing skin care really effective? In this time, I collect up the knowledge of right effective moisturizing skin cares.

Is it true that the skin care products containing ceramide are effective to moisturizing?!

Most helpful component for keeping moisture is the “ceramide”. If your skin is still dry even if using the lotion and the beauty serum containing moisturizing ingredients, how about change your skin care products to the ones containing ceramide?

If your skin care products are already contained ceramide but your skin is not moisturized and still dry, the contained amount of ceramide or oil may be not enough.

As the real ceramide is very expensive, the amount of ceramide in low price skin care products is small. The skin care products which contain enough ceramide should be decent price.(Indication of the price is at least more 3,000 yen. )

Even if the description of “ceramide comprising” is on the ingredients label, it may not real ceramide if any word is written after ceramide like “ceramide xxx”. For real ceramide, you will find any number following the name ceramide. You should check it carefully.

What is the criteria whether the lotion penetrate to your skin or not?

Applying lotion repeatedly with large amount doesn’t really work. There is the capacity for amount of moisture on your skin. The amount written in directions is good enough for moisturizing. Check your skin condition with your hands after applying lotion.

If your skin is sticky to your hands, you can think your skin is moisturized enough.

Which applying way is more penetrative between by using a cotton and by using your hands?

Using hands is the best for moisturizing. Using a cotton may irritate your skin. Do not rub your skin too much. You need to press your skin by palms. After applying lotion and milky lotion, spread them like cupping your face with your palms.

If you just cup your face with your hands, your skin gets warm and you can feel that the moisturizing components penetrate to your skin. Do not rub and slap. Trying to help penetration with your hands is the key to enhance moisturizing effectiveness.

what is the faster acting skin care when foundation doesn’t take to your skin well

If foundation doesn’t take to your skin well because of skin roughness, you must get depressed in the morning. In that case, I recommend the “moisturizing facial mask” as a faster acting skin care. As for the facial mask, sheet mask is the mainstream in these days.

The sheet mask is the sheet which is pre-cut into the shape of your face and soaked in beauty liquid formulas. Foundation takes to your skin much better if you just put the sheet mask on your face for while.

However, using sheet mask every day makes keratin on your skin pruned. I think once or twice a week is the best. Peel off mask which has been used from long time ago has more moisturizing effect than sheet mask.

Peel off mask is the best suited to penetrate moisture to your skin deeply. It can seal off the moisture component with its stickiness and prevent from moisture evaporation. You need to take time about 15 minutes to dry. In the mean time, you can prepare to go out. You can reduce the time for facial mask but you don’t need to worry about the condition that foundation doesn’t take to your skin well.

Is the effect continue even if using the same skin care products for long time?

Some people believe that “skin gets used to the skin care products if they continue to use the same ones, and they can no longer receive the effect.” However, it is false, actually.

You don’t have to change lotion or beauty serum if they are agreed with your skin(If you can feel the effects).

So, you can continue to use them! If you are concerned partial skin troubles(spots, wrinkles, and saggings), additional special skin care such as cream or facial mask would be good for you.

The above are the knowledge of right effective moisturizing skin cares. If you are late 20’s and thinking like “I’m still young, I don’t need it”, your skin will have problems in the future by neglecting moisturizing skin care.

If you take care of your skin rightly and every day, you can expect that your skin will be beautiful 5 years or 10 years later. The basic for beautiful skin is “moisturizing”. Let’s get started to moisturize your skin rightly.

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