Extremely popular with men! Light but decorative natural makeup point 1

Makeup can make women more attractive, but the natural makeup is the most popular among men.

Women know it, but they can’t challenge the natural makeup with the reasons such as “Does the natural makeup work with only beautiful women?” or “My makeup is decorative so I’m worried that my face looks too plain with natural makeup…”.

When people hear the word of “Natural makeup”, they may think it is equal to “almost no makeup”. However, it means actually “makeup appear like natural”.

Within the natural makeup, there are many techniques to naturally decorate the face. Here are the natural makeup points for each part on face.

Base makeup

Since the natural makeup is not heavily decorated the parts, people may think “Oh, didn’t she have time for makeup by overslept?”, if your skin is not perfect.

However, if you put the foundation heavily as usual, your skin becomes like “too perfect makeup”. Even if other parts on face are natural, it can’t be the natural makeup.

Other than the case that you have no confidence with your skin at all, it is good just applying BB cream and putting face powder to your skin like wearing a veil. If you want to cover any point on your face, you can pat a concealer before putting the face powder.

Be careful you shouldn’t make your skin too powdery or too thick with face powder. Also the face powder including strong pearl can be too shiny and unnatural. Avoid using the pearl type face powder and choose the mat type face power as much as you can.


The blusher is the necessary point for natural makeup. As the makeup is not decorative, the blusher which produces florid complexion is very important to make your face impression bright.

How to apply blusher is basically the same as usual, but you should be careful not to apply it too much. Not too strong colors such as pale rose or beige are easy to fit with your skin color.

Apply blusher fluffily, and gradate the boundary between applied area and not applied area. After applying blusher to both cheeks, trace the outline of face(from forehead to chin though temple) with cheek brush remained blusher on.

It looks no difference at a glance, but the shading is added to outline of face and your face appear smaller and unified.


It is enough to use colored lip cream or lip treatment gloss. If your lips are red, the glossy lip cream may be good enough.

However, red lips or glossy lips can create the image of “makeup on”. I recommend you to put the color on your lips if your lips are not red.

Be careful if you put the skin color on your lips(such as white-beige), your face may look like not healthy.

In next time point 2, I’ll let you know the how to draw your eyebrows and eye lines.

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