The first step of anti-aging is from the wrinkles on your neck! Become 5 years younger with appropriate neck care

I think the meaning of anti-aging is equal to that the people want look younger than their age. Are you doing anything for it?

There are many people who try drinking enzyme, doing yoga, or going to beauty salon treatment but can’t receive effect. Here is my proposal, the neck massage.

I’m sure that you can feel the anti-aging effect surprisingly if you continue this. Try the neck massage as a neck care from today.

Not only face skin care

I believe that you take care of your face skin like washing face, applying lotion and milky lotion to moisturize your face skin every morning and every night, and sometimes using face mask. Do you take care of your neck? Most people might be not.

Let’s pretend that the neck and d?collet? are the part of face, and start to take care of them. First, wash not only face but also all of neck, d?collet?, and body with bubbles.

Then, apply the lotion enough to moisturize to all your body. The lotion doesn’t have to be high quality. Apply milky lotion enough from your neck to d?collet? like massaging. Do it the same way to your hands.

Try not wear nylon clothes

Have you ever experienced that you get itchy on your neck when wearing high-necked sweater? In fact, some people get itchy by sweater which materials are nylon or wool. And they scratch their neck without awareness. Itchiness comes from skin irritation.

This is far from good condition to skin. Try to choose the under wear which material is cotton or silk, if you can. If it is difficult for you, loop a hand towel or something to your neck and d?collet? already applied lotion and milky lotion for protecting.

It can protect your body from outside air and nylon, and the wrinkles on your neck may become less.

If you moisturize your skin, the spots also become less and you can regain your youth. The neck gets more age than the face. Let’s try to focus on taking care of your neck and d?collet? as anti-aging to feel your youth.

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