Become a small face! Tips with makeup and cosmetic tools for round face

The impression of women who are round chubby face is gentle, girlish, and adorable, but I’m sure that the many women are craving for being beautiful small face or long face than adorable.

If you have a complex being round face, why don’t you try the way to cover the complex? If you add an extra care or follow the rule with cosmetics tool, it works remarkably well to be small face.

1. Using dark color foundation to tighten the outline of your face

The outline of round chubby face tends to be unclear. Then, using darker color foundation than your skin color can move people’s eyes from the outline of face.

Apply the darker foundation in a thin layer to temple, outline of jaw, cheek bone, and outline of face. Mixing the normal color and darker color of foundations to control color makes your face color more natural.

2. Apply lighter color foundation to the center of your face

Apply lighter color foundation than your skin color to the center of your face for emphasizing. Put it like dots to eye area, between the eye brows, upper chin, nose, and forehead.

Then, spread the dots by sponge to mix it with normal color foundation on your skin and make it natural.

3. Finish with mineral face powder

After you creating contrast on your face by using different colors of foundations, apply good quality of mineral face powder to your face. I highly recommend you to choose the shimmer type powder which shines your face and applying it smoothly with the face powder brush. It has more highlight effect.

4. Use highlighter

To make angles on your face, use the highlighter. Choose the two times lighter than your skin color. Put it to the center of forehead and chin for adding angles.

5. Put on blusher with care

It is bad to put brusher like read-apple cheek for the people who are round face. Put the blusher narrowly like drawing the line from cheek bones to temples.

6. Emphasize the eyes and lips by makeup to create longer face

To create contrast on your face, put the gold or brown eye shadow liberally and gradate it with applying eyeliner. Then, apply mascara.

Emphasize your lips as well as your eyes. Make your lower lip thicker and focused is good balance with eye makeup and it has a synergetic effect on making your face longer.

7. Arched eyebrow

The straight or sharp eye brows are not good for round face. It has the effect to make your face more round and your head bigger. I recommend you to draw the arch eyebrow shape with curves.

8. look at your hair style

Both too long hair and too short hair are not good for round face. The hair styles such as the straight bang or the bob which is voluminous around ears are not good too.

The light hair style with layers or bang with diagonal line is good. It would be the good balance with your face if you care about the height and narrowness with your hair style. It is also good to consult your hair dresser about it.

9. Avoid wearing big sized accessories

Big sized accessories such as earrings, pierced earrings are not good. Middle sized accessories with triangle, square, and circle shapes are the fail proof.

10. Choose good shape of glasses and sunglasses

When you wear the glasses or sunglasses, the shape is influenced to your impression. Avoid the round shape or oval shape, and choose square shape or wellington type of frame.

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