[My real life experience] Working for spot, wrinkle, and sagging! Effects of beauty acupuncture

We often see the “Beauty acupuncture” on a magazines or media these days. I didn’t feel like trying it because it looked painful. However, once I tried, I received amazing results.

I would like to introduce my feedback and effect from my actual experience of “Beauty acupuncture” to people who are interested in it but hesitate to try it.

Review the basic knowledge! What is the difference between the beauty acupuncture and the acupuncture?

As you know the acupuncture, it is the Chinese treatment to get the natural healing force for targeting at improvement of poor health and mental balance. Its theory is introduced to Europe and United states. Then, the beauty effect is added to it as “Beauty acupuncture”.

It is said that putting needles in the muscles on face can relax the mimic muscle and improve blood circulation. Once the blood circulation is improved, there are many good effects for women over thirties such as reduction of swelling, lift-up, reduction of wrinkle or sagging. There are many funs of beauty acupuncture people including famous actresses or models who are mothers.

How is the pain or the effect? Actual experienced report of the beauty acupuncture

My reservation was the trial course of 60 minutes for 11000 yen. It was little more expensive than normal massage or chiropractic. Actually, I got 60 minutes treatment and additional 15 minutes counseling so I think the cost might be reasonable.

At the day, I filled out the past medical history and the physical condition, and the particular symptom on the medical interview sheet and waited for 10 minutes. At the questioning, I was surprised at the professional counseling that the doctor checked not only the symptom that I wrote down but also my pulse, and color of tongue.

After the questioning, the doctor put the needles. The needles are thinner than I thought and it was not painful. It was just like “pins and needles” not like “shots.” I felt wired and good with it.

Face line is tightened! My feedback after experience of the beauty acupuncture

After experience of the beauty acupuncture, I felt my body is light, and I was not tired anymore. Also I had very bad shoulder stiffness because I’m usually stuck behind a desk with PC, but I was surprised that it became much better.

I think the sagging on my cheek was reduced and my face line looked tight. I felt the nasolabial fold which I was concerned was also reduced and my face color was brightened by good blood circulation.

I was not aware of that my eyelids were swelling because of the eye strain, but I felt my eyes became bigger and showy.

The effects were obvious to other people’s eyes. My roommate said “I want to try it too.” And she made reservation the next week.

Get more effects! The importance of continuing treatment

Right after the treatment, I received the great effects. However, my face line and swelling were back to normal after three days. As the doctor said the effects come to stay easily if I continue it once a week for the first period of time.

It costs 10000 yen for one time. It would be 40000 yen for a month. It is forbidding price but I want to try it when I can afford it.

I heard that the continuing treatment can reduce the deep wrinkle and heavy sagging. Once the constitution is changed, the number of treatment can be reduced and I can keep the good condition.

Conclusion ? note of caution and summary for beauty acupuncture

You can get immediate beauty effects with the beauty acupuncture, but there may be rare occasions that some people get internal bleeding or bruise. Just in case, I think you shouldn’t get treatment before important events such as weddings or parties.

Also some people experienced hot flashes by good blood circulation. You can reduce the discomfort feeling by additional treatment such as body acupuncture, body treatment or massage, if you like.

As the beauty acupuncture has immediate effects and long history, it would be a huge boom. Why don’t you check the clinics near your home and try it if you feel like it?

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