What are Benefits to Washing Face with Ice Cold Water (the Celebs do it!)?

There are various ways of beauty methods circulating but on some of them we are taken aback to trying, as some might cause pain.

One of them is washing your face with ice cold water. Yes, during the hot summer months that would feel good, but in dead cold winter? I call that painful if nothing else.

As painful it might sound, this procedure is being noticed by Hollywood celebrities. It was picked up in a magazine article and it claims that the “A List” actresses
are practicing this by washing their face with cold water.

And it’s not just “cold” water they use, they use ice cubes to make icy cold water to wash the face. It sounds like a tough way to wash your face but because the A list celebrities use this method you want to try it too (and have).

You just need to keep the basic rules to get the effects from this way of washing your face. I would like to share with you how to do it correct and its positive
effects that come with it.

What are the Effects of Washing Face with Icy Cold Water?

When we wash our face as a rule of thumb we use warm water. Or at least most of us thought that is the right way. The reason to use warm water is help wash out impurities from our pores. Using heated water will warm up our skin and open up our pores.

By opening up our pores, it is easier to get out the oil and debris clogging it. So wait, isn’t cold water face washing doing the pure opposite? How can we gain by doing that? Let me tell you, there are positive effects in washing face with icy cold water. Yes, it tightens and firms your skin!

While warm water will open up your pores, at the extreme opposite end icy cold water will tighten up your pores. What are the effects of tightening them up and minimizing the appearance of them? Well many of us might suffer opened pores with aging and dry skin.

Just washing your face with cold water, your pores will tighten up thus make pores virtually imperceptible. If you had been bothered by your pores discoloring
darker, this will also make it minimize.

Additionally sagging of facial skin will improve. Sagging of the skin is cause of pores widening. So, if your pores tighten up, your skin will be firm and the sagging will improve lifting you skin. That is what the effects are, giving a big push in beautifying and anti-aging your skin.

First Cleanse Your Facial Skin Thoroughly

To get the maximum effects on cold water face washes, please cleanse your face thoroughly beforehand. Do not wash your face with cold water before that.

If you still have makeup residue on your face when you start your cold water wash, the makeup will harden on your face and clog up your pores. It’s useless to
tighten open pores with makeup residue or dirt in them. It might further result you to getting acne or inflammation on your skin.

That being said, you need to first wash your face with lukewarm or warm water and remove all makeup and clean out your pores. For rinsing, again use warm water and get the residue all off. Then finally you can use ice cold water! Icy cold water will tighten and minimize your pores. This will complete your face
washing procedure.

Using warm and then cold water has other positive effects on your skin. It will better your microcirculation. By stimulating your skin using alternation of warm
and cold water the blood vessels will initiate intense contraction of the vessel. This will stimulate your microcirculation. Your pores are like your muscles, they need to be toned up.

If you practice tightening your pores by cold water wash, your skins natural ability will follow to do so. So let’s use cold water to wash our face and get our skin
to be in beautiful and good conditions as those A List Hollywood Celebrities!

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