Simple hair care at home 17 tips for beautiful hair and immediate results!

Choosing shampoo, ways of washing and drying hair, using special hair pack….
Hair influences your appearance at any age and it I is the important part of you that people can know how much you take care of yourself.

There is no high road for beautiful hair, but you can expect big changes with some little tips. Here are some tips to make your hair more beauty. Let’s get beautiful hair at home!

Tip for dry hair

Do not dry your hair too much. Use any moisturizing product to protect your hair during dry season. This is the basic hair care to prevent split ends and dry hair.

Tip for oily hair

I’ve heard this is more effective to people who have blond hair…
This is the harsh way but if you are concerned about your oily hair and no enough time to wash your hair. Dust baby powder over your roots, and comb it off. Especially if you have dark hair, you need comb your hair carefully to remove the powder completely. The powder absorbs the too much oil from your hair.

Tip for hair during winter

Your hair may easily stand up by static electricity during winter. You can rub your hair with fabric softener sheet to calm it down.

The myth about hair care

It was once suggested that the brushing your hair a hundred times every day is the myth. It causes the split ends and damaged hair only. You shouldn’t do it.

Tip for eating habit for healthy hair

Food is important for shiny hair. It is often said the seaweed is good. However, you should also eat good quality of proteins, well-colored vegetables, good quality of oils, and the ingredients that increase blood circulation. There are important components for beautiful skin too.

Tip for drying your hair

Wet hair after washing is most fragile. You need to be very careful to dry your hair. Comb your hair with the wide tooth comb from the ends by little and little or detangle your hair by your fingers when you dry your hair.

Tip for doing your hair

Choose the mousse or gel which is alcohol-free type when you buy them. Alcohol makes your hair dry. It is also not good to apply perfumes to your hair. The perfume contains alcohol.

Tip for choosing your shampoo No.1

You should care about PH balance. Choose the products which agree with your hair type.

Tip for choosing your shampoo No.2

Strangely, if you continue to use the same product, your hair become used to it even if it is really good one. Then, it becomes ineffective. Use some different products to keep your best hair condition.

Tip for choosing your shampoo No.3

Buy another shampoo with strong cleansing effect. It can remove the mousse, gel, and oil on your scalp and hair.

Tip for washing your hair No.1

Don’t rinse off shampoo or conditioner with hot water. Then, it prevents too much dryness of your hair.

Tip for washing your hair No.2

If you are concerned about dry hair, try not to wash your hair every day. Shampooing and the heat of hairdryer promote your hair dry. It takes a lot of nerve to change the daily habit but I think it is worth trying.

Tip for washing your hair No.3

Wash your hair immediately after swimming in the pool. Remove the chlorine on your hair as soon as possible. It damages your hair.

Tip for conditioning your hair No.1

The hair treatment with mayonnaise and beer is the savior for damaged hair. Blend the unfinished beer and mayonnaise and make hair conditioner. Apply it to your hair about 10 minutes and rinse it off. *This is not applicable to people who have food allergy.

Tip for conditioning your hair No.2

Apply hair conditioner before washing your hair. Leave it for while and rinse it off. Then, wash your hair and apply hair conditioner as usual. It can increase the effect of hair treatment.

Tip for conditioning your hair No.3

Take care of your hair as well as your skin. It is not reference of advertising on TV, but your hair changes as much as you take care of it. It is a shame if your skin is shiny but your hair is not.

Tip for hair dryer

When you dry your hair, use the cold mode. It takes more time but it has an effect to prevent dryness and your hair become easy to handle .

How were these tips for hair care? These are little l things but I think you may haven’t tried some of them yet. It is said that hair changes quickly more than skin. Try any of them if you feel like it.

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