Is the cause of roughness on your skin face cleansing? Here are some the ways to get smooth skin without taking too much time.

Do you have experience of finding the roughness when you touch your cheek? Possible causes are various such as accumulated skin waste, acne, or bump likely to be acne, or plugged pore on your skin.

Even if the skin doesn’t look like rough, it is annoying if your skin is not smooth when you touch. If you leave them, the roughness would be visible to your eyes eventually.

It is better to remove the roughness as quick as possible. Let me introduce some ways to get smooth skin in no time without taking too much time.

Reconsidering the way of face cleansing

If your skin is rough, reconsider your way of face cleansing. It would be the skin problems if you don’t cleanse your face in properly as the face cleansing is the basic for beautiful skin. Try to cleanse your face gently and carefully.

Also you should try not to rub your skin when rinsing off or drying with a towel. It may help your skin softer by doing so.

Moisturizing is the basic for beautiful skin

Try to apply face lotion, and moisturizing beauty serum or moisturizing face cream after face cleansing properly. It is important to repeat this routine every day. Moisturizing the skin helps to speed up the skin metabolism.

If the skin metabolism is disturbed, the dead cells are accumulated on your skin and it makes your skin rough. Moisturize your skin to help turnover regularly.

Becoming smooth skin by removing dead cells

Once your skin metabolism is disturbed, you should try to remove the dead cells on your skin such as face peeling to regulate your skin metabolism. If you remove the dead cells on your skin, your skin would become surprisingly smooth. It has also potential effect of whitening. Therefore, your skin can be beautiful as if removing a surface layer of your skin.

Measure for dry skin by using moisturizing face mask

Dry skin may be the cause of roughness on your skin. Moisture is not absorbed to very dry skin. First of all, use the moisturizing face mask to your skin.

Using sheet type and cotton type is good, but I recommend using the removal type would be better when your skin is very dry.

Early to bed and early to rise for beautiful skin

Many people may know the best time for skin. It is important that you are in sleep between10 pm to 2 am. The growth hormone is highly produced and the skin is metabolized during these hours.

If you sleep well, a little rough on your skin becomes better. Try to go to bed at least before midnight if before 10 pm is difficult for you.

Shaving off your facial hair

If you shave off your facial hair, your skin becomes smooth and your face color becomes brighter. It also helps the application of foundation on your skin.

You should shave off your facial hair gently to avoid the damages to your skin. It is also better to decrease frequency too. If you shave off your facial hair very often, it can be the cause of skin troubles.

Going to take salon treatment for facial hair removal would be better, if it is available.

Changing your skin care products

There are many causes that your skin becomes bad conditions such as rough or dullness on your skin. One of the causes may be that your skin care products disagree with your skin.

The ingredients of your skin care products such as the face lotion, milky lotion, or face cream may disagree with your skin or the amount of oil in these skin care products may be too much. There is also possibility that the cosmetics such as foundation or blusher irritate your skin too.

If you think any of these cases may be true to your skin, you can change the skin care products. However, if you change all of them at once, you can’t find which one is not good for your skin. Therefore, it is better to change them one by one.

The good skin care products for your skin are changing with your age. You may feel these are not enough to your skin if you use the same skin care products in your youth.

Also using too much skin care products can be the cause of skin troubles so you should apply the skin care products to your skin with the appropriate amounts in the properly ways.

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